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IT Business Management

Increase ServiceNow ITBM Efficiency To Save Time and Improve Services.

Enterprise ITBM Solutions

You know the importance of consistent and successful project execution. Whether for a customer order, an internal infrastructure project or a new system roll-out, the visibility and management of project initiatives is a critical part of effective communications and execution.


Project registry app for ServiceNow Enterprise

Streamline ServiceNow IT Business Management

Improve IT processes and connectivity across your enterprise.

Increase IT Visibility

Gain improved visibility into IT costs, tasks, and projects through ServiceNow Project Management and Resource Management. Infocenter helps you capture and prioritize IT requests into one system and use the information to align services with business strategies.

Improve Work Quality

Improve service delivery by streamlining processes and automating tasks. Infocenter helps you free up your IT staff to work on more complex projects while empowering users with intelligent ticketing and knowledge bases.

Optimize IT Investment

Understand the true cost of your IT services and optimize resource allocation to make sure no services are over- or under-funded. Infocenter’s ITBM solutions scale seamlessly – helping you manage IT costs while growing your business.

Explore IT Business Management Applications

Custom apps to enhance ITBM in ServiceNow.

Phoenix™ Project Registry

Plan, organize and manage IT resources. Phoenix™ helps you manage estimation and planning, scheduling, budgets and costs, and resource allocation with incredible ease. The app also integrates with 3rd party systems to ensure interconnectivity with your technology stack.


Integration & Migration Solution

This app enables bi-directional synchronization of problems and change requests in ServiceNow. Keep your development team apprised of issues, status updates, and schedules in real-time. The application can also inform other internal teams of change request timelines and delivery status.


Technical Documentation Automation

Streamline and automate your ServiceNow technical specifications, documentation and gain visibility into instance customization. This app automatically documents the customizations performed on an instance saving you time and improving documentation quality.