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Enabling enterprise-wide process excellence, integration, and automation.
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ServiceNow Enterprise Solutions With Infocenter

Rapidly deploy the ServiceNow Enterprise Platform across your entire organization. As a leading Certified ServiceNow Elite Partner, we specialize in helping enterprise companies identify and execute on opportunities to automate processes and create cost-saving efficiencies across a wide-breadth of business areas and industries.

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Employee Workflows

Led by former HR Executives with deep expertise across industries, our team has vast experience with Employee Experience that has transformed numerous organizations.

Customer Workflows

Infocenter is your Certified ServiceNow Partner for Planning, Implementation and Management of your Customer Workflow Products.

Creator Workflows

It’s time to turn your business processes into digital workflows to deliver faster, smarter experiences. Infocenter’s AppFactory™ can build business apps from scratch or enhance your ServiceNow applications.

IT Workflows Business Solutions

Connect your enterprise and modernize operations to transform your business on a single, unified platform.

IT Service Management

Transform the impact, speed, and delivery of IT with a modern service management solution.

IT Operations Management

Deliver high-performance business services with visibility, health, and optimization.

Strategic Portfolio Management

Plan, prioritize, and track work aligned to business objectives.

IT Asset Management

Optimize costs and improve efficiency with increased visibility into the full IT asset lifecycle.


Delight your development teams and enable change with scalable, enterprise DevOps.

Security Operations

Identify, prioritize, and respond to incidents and vulnerabilities faster based on risk and insights.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Respond to business risks in real time with continuous monitoring, prioritization, and automation.

Telecommunications Service Operations Management

Monitor the health of your telecom networks and streamline your response with machine learning.

Operational Technology Management

Safeguard operational technology (OT) systems with digital workflows that respond quickly to threats.

Application Portfolio Management

Accelerate your decision making to reduce risk and lower costs.

ServiceNow Cloud Observability

Gain insights to detect and quickly respond to changes in cloud-native and monolithic applications.

Telecommunications Network Inventory

Consolidate network inventory and enable lifecycle automation for resources and services on a single platform. ​

Employee Workflows Business Solutions

Create connected, engaging employee experiences. Motivate your workforce and make it easy for employees to get what they need, when they need it.

HR Service Delivery

Deliver the right experience to employees anywhere. Improve productivity by streamlining the employee service experience with intelligent workflows.

Workplace Service Delivery

Provide modern digital experiences for employees. Enable the new world of hybrid work and support a safe working environment.

Legal Service Delivery

Deliver legal services for your enterprise at the speed of the business. Modernize legal operations to make faster decisions and increase productivity.

Sourcing and Procurement Operations

Connect processes end-to-end. Streamline procurement for employees and enable work team efficiencies.

Health and Safety

Create a strong safety culture by supporting employee health and promoting a safe workplace.

Supplier Lifecycle Operations

Transform the management of your suppliers with digital experiences for onboarding and collaboration.

Explore Customer Workflows Business Solutions

Drive customer loyalty with connected digital workflows that automate work across departments.

Customer Service Management

Improve service operations and engage customers. Bring front, middle, and back offices together to proactively address issues and automate common requests.

Field Service Management

Boost customer satisfaction with efficient field service management. Connect field service with other teams and mobile tools to quickly respond to and prevent issues.

Financial Service Management

Unite your front, middle, and back offices. Provide efficient, resilient financial services operations for enhanced customer and employee experiences.

Telecommunications Service Management

Connect your telecom operations—from the network to the customer—on a single platform. Enable CSPs to enhance customer care and automate service assurance.

Order Management

Connect the ordering lifecycle from order capture to fulfillment. Drive efficiencies and create effortless experiences for your customers.

Technology Provider Service Management

Elevate the experience for your XaaS customers with AI-powered self-service and proactive care. Make work flow across teams and the value chain.

Healthcare and Life Sciences Service Management

Create consumer-grade healthcare experiences and stay focused on patients through improvements to operational performance. Increase agility across the organization.

Infocenter ATLAS® CRM

Infocenter ATLAS® provides end-to-end management, Lead-to-Cash, including CRM. ATLAS® Services Lifecycle is designed to fully optimize and integrate critical business processes and data management needs of your business model.

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Learn how Infocenter can help you Plan, Build, & Manage™ Customer Workflows.

Creator Workflows + Infocenter AppFactory™

It’s time to turn your business processes into digital workflows to deliver faster, smarter experiences. Infocenter’s AppFactory™ can build business apps from scratch or enhance your ServiceNow applications.