ServiceNow Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Simplify Asset Tracking Across Your Organization.

Unlock Efficiency and Streamline Operations

In today’s fast-paced business environment, it’s vital for organizations to maintain efficient management of assets at every stage of their lifecycle.

ServiceNow Enterprise Asset Management provides a centralized platform for tracking, maintaining, and maximizing the value of assets. With ServiceNow EAM and the help of a trusted partner like Infocenter, you can improve operational efficiency, optimize resource allocation, and recognize overall cost savings.



ServiceNow Enterprise Asset Management Highlights

Enterprise Asset Lifecycle Management

Implement strategic plans with and ensure financial oversight throughout the entire lifecycle of your assets.

Enterprise Asset Estate

Monitor and manage a wide range of asset types within a single system, providing comprehensive oversight.

Multi-Component Assets

Define relationships between assets and their components to effectively manage them.


Risk Scoring

Evaluate assets based on risk levels and generate color-coded heatmaps for easy identification.

Enterprise Asset Inventory Management

Optimize asset inventory across various warehouse and stockroom locations for efficient resource allocation.

Mobile Asset Receiving

Seamlessly receive enterprise assets anywhere using mobile scanning capabilities.

Asset Inventory Audits

Track and reconcile enterprise asset inventories at each site to maintain accurate records.

Asset Refresh Planning

Set criteria for user-based asset refresh and access updated eligibility lists.

Enterprise Asset Catalog

Provide employees with a centralized platform to request assets, streamlining the process.

Asset Reservations

Reserve and manage assets for temporary use, following predefined workflows.


 Identify business assets affected by recalls and take necessary actions to ensure compliance.

Lease-End Management

Standardize procedures for end-of-lease asset handling, including extensions, returns, or buyouts.

Enterprise Asset Maintenance

Create and manage maintenance plans for enterprise assets across multiple locations.

Enterprise Asset Work Management

Initiate and assign planned or ad-hoc asset work orders, including parts requirements.

Asset Reclamation

Simplify offboarding processes for enterprise assets using guided workflows.

Benefits of Enterprise Asset Management 

Automate the full lifecycle of physical business assets with prescriptive workflows. ServiceNow EAM is designed to handle the complete life cycle management of both connected and non-connected assets across the enterprise.

  • Gain real-time visibility enabling better decision-making and resource planning
  • Reduce downtime and extend asset lifespan
  • Create, assign, and track work orders for asset maintenance, repairs, and servicing
  • Streamline vendor relationships, contract management, and SLAs
  • Empower employees in the field with mobile access and barcode scanning
  • Seamlessly integrate with other ServiceNow modules and external systems
  • Reduce manual effort and improve efficiency through automated workflows


Best Practices + Domain Expertise for EAM 

Need help and best practice guidance? Leverage leading ServiceNow Partner, Infocenter’s team of Certified ServiceNow domain experts for strategic planning for ServiceNow Enterprise Asset with RADIUS™.

Let DEVSHOP™ Managed Services provide dedicated capacity and continuity for EAM and across the Now platform.

Want to learn more about ServiceNow EAM?

By providing a centralized repository, automating workflows, and integrating with mobile and IoT technologies, ServiceNow EAM offers enhanced asset visibility, improved operational efficiency, and cost optimization.

Leveraging these capabilities, your organization can drive productivity, meet compliance requirements, and make data-driven decisions, gaining a competitive edge in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Read more on ServiceNow EAM and Infocenter here.

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