Financial Management

Process automation and custom apps for financial services.

Leo™ CapEx Approval Application

Managing and tracking CapEx requests and approvals through lengthy email strings, paper trails or static spreadsheets can lead to loss of critical information, visibility and control.

Leo™, Infocenter’s Capital Expenditure Approval app, streamlines the CapEx approval process with improved visibility and access to information.

  • Consolidate approval documents in a centralized place
  • Facilitate communication and access to supporting documents
  • Seamlessly integrate 3rd party accounting and ERP systems
  • Ensure the accuracy of balance sheets and income statements
Leo Capital Expenditure Approval App for ServiceNow
process automation with ServiceNow

Easier Budget Planning

Budgeting planning can be tedious and frustrating, and manual entry is prone to error. If you can’t rely on your own budget information, you can’t make informed decisions about it. ServiceNow Financial Management lets you consolidate that planning into one place, making it easy to check data accuracy, give access to management, and collaborate. Create multiple budget models to make comparisons and help departments plan their own budgets.

IT’s Biggest Challenge In Finance

Today’s companies rely on IT to manage most of their business areas. In order to streamline processes, lower costs, and improve innovation, they need a reliable technology system to provide data, make it easy to manage services, and improve service delivery. Financial services is no different, but there are not many management solutions available to meet IT needs. Without a proper solution, staff are left manually maintaining spreadsheets, using multiple pieces of expensive software for single tasks, and needing one or two subject matter experts for information.

process automation with ServiceNow