IT Operations Management (ITOM)

Driving Operational Efficiency For Enterprise IT Teams.

A Proactive Approach To IT Operations

Infocenter enhances ServiceNow® IT Operations Management by accelerating service delivery, improving availability, reducing event noise, and identifying change impacts to prevent outages. Self-service access to web-based resources offers insight into cloud costs and helps ensure business policy compliance across the enterprise. Our solutions for enterprise ITOM deliver cost-reductions through optimized spending, better connectivity between departments, proactive service outage prevention, and IT service automation.

InfoCenter IT Operations Management Solutions

Predict & Proactively Safeguard Against IT Incidents

Turn your team into an instinctive & vigilant IT staff that knows about problems before they impact your business. Infocenter helps you deploy predictive analytics to identify threats and enable proactive action.

Explore ITOM Applications

Custom and native apps for ServiceNow® IT Operations Management.

IT Service Intelligence

Infocenter’s IT Service Intelligence app boosts service availability and acts on predicted capacity events before they impact end users.

Field Service Management

Infocenter provides a complete User Data Management solution that integrates directly into ServiceNow to drive efficiencies through automation.

Event & Incident Management

Connect 3rd party IT monitoring and cloud service solutions to ServiceNow’s IT Operations platform and automate requests from end users for threshold changes relating to data.

Discovery Administrator

Configure, maintain and troubleshoot ServiceNow Discovery quickly to ensure an accurate and reliable CMDB.

Operational Intelligence

Proactively identify unusual IT activity to identify a problem before it causes an outage.


Consolidate and automate IT processes to reduce errors and increase productivity by eliminating manual work.

Service Mapping

Map the interactions between IT components and other services, to understand change impacts, reduce event noise, and identify the root causes of disruptions.

Cloud Management

Deliver cloud-based tools to self-service portals and eliminate the need for risky infrastructure while lowering the cost of access.

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