IT Operations Management (ITOM)

Plan, Build, & Manage™ with Infocenter

Modernize IT Ops with Visibility, Insights, and Intelligent Remediation. 

Infocenter enhances ServiceNow® IT Operations Management by accelerating service delivery, improving availability, reducing event noise, and identifying change impacts to prevent outages.

Gain insight into costs and help ensure business policy compliance across the enterprise. ServiceNow ITOM delivers cost-reductions through optimized spending, better connectivity between departments, proactive service outage prevention, and IT service automation.

Identify and solve issues before they occur with cross-team automation workflows.


InfoCenter IT Operations Management Solutions
InfoCenter IT Operations Management Solutions

Deliver Proactive Digital Operations with ITOM

Eliminate the need to chase false positives and effectively identify anomalies with IT Operations Management.

With ServiceNow, you can collect and analyze telemetry and log data, enabling enhanced visibility and reducing unnecessary noise in the process.


  • Predict issues
  • Minimize user impact
  • Automate resolutions
  • Discover your IT estate
  • Connect your data

Predict & Proactively Safeguard Against IT Incidents

Turn your team into an instinctive & vigilant IT staff that knows about problems before they impact your business. Infocenter helps you deploy predictive analytics to identify threats and enable proactive action.