Configure Price Quote (CPQ)


Bring Accurate Pricing to Your Company

Infocenter’s PHOENIX™ Configure Price Quote (CPQ) application, built on the ServiceNow Platform, gives your sales staff accurate quotes and pricing information right at their fingertips, wherever they go.

Infocenter offers a solution that is flexible, intuitive and integrates directly into your existing ServiceNow platform. This means you get the full-support you need along with a dynamic CPQ tool that sales teams can access from anywhere. By leveraging the ServiceNow Platform, Infocenter’s CPQ app helps your company accurately define the price of goods across a large and constantly changing spectrum of variables.

Direct CPQ Integration with the ServiceNow Platform

With this solution, you can automate the entire lifecycle of the quoting and proposal process, starting with the moment a customer supplies their needs in a company’s offering and ending with sending a detailed quote to the customer or prospect. Your company already uses the ServiceNow platform to consolidate and centralize processes; the CPQ allows your sales staff to take advantage of the platform in the same way.

The application can be customized and integrated into existing ServiceNow products, making it easy to measure performance, increase visibility, and ensure your staff is meeting marketing and strategic goals.

Automated workflows speed up routine work, help organize information so it is easy to access, and boosts inter-departmental conversations.

Since the CPQ application is connected to the cloud-based ServiceNow platform, your sales staff can receive fast and accurate on-the-go quotes and pricing information.


Do You Hear the Following Complaints From Your Sales Team?


"I'm tired of using spreadsheets to generate quotes for clients."

"We're stuck with a CPQ solution that is costly and difficult to develop and support."

"The sales department wants an easier and more user-friendly CPQ solution."


The PHOENIX™ Configure Price Quote (CPQ) is the tool your sales team has been searching for. This service portal is an extension to the SalesWon CRM application built on ServiceNow. Capitalize on the benefits of the single-tenant enterprise architecture of ServiceNow. Enhance your investment by adding SalesWon’s Sales Automation solution along with the many enterprise solutions already available within ServiceNow.


Build Quotes

  • CPQ for itemized quotes and get customer approval easily.
  • Utilize the DocuSign® integration to request approvals from customers.
  • See the profitability of a sale with cost breakdowns.
  • A CPQ Portal for advanced functionality.
  • Margin and Markup based Pricing.


Mobile Enabled

  • A responsive mobile portal, accessible on any device.
  • Maintain Lead, Account, and Contact records.
  • Easily glance at the activity timeline overview and create new tasks.
  • Take a lead from qualified to sold in the palm of your hand.



Build Price Lists Based on Products & Pricing Models


Account Manager Portal


Structure Pricing Based on Markup or Margin Models


Qualify and Convert Leads into Contacts and Accounts


Centralize Contact Information for Your Accounts


Discount Authorization Based on Sales Teams or Individuals


Set Pricing Based on API Calls


Product Catalog


All the Tools Necessary to Take a Qualified Lead to a Closed Sale


Promote a WON Opportunity to an Order With One Click