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Infocenter AppFactory™

AppFactory™ + ServiceNow AppEngine

It’s time to turn your business processes into digital workflows to deliver faster, smarter experiences. Infocenter’s AppFactory™ can build business apps from scratch or enhance your ServiceNow applications

The aim of Infocenter’s AppFactory™ is to achieve improved business performance and productivity through applications that enable Speed, Agility and Cost Reduction.


This is Predicated on Three Pillars:


  • Modernize What is Old: Lotus Notes, Sharepoint, Access DB, Spreadsheets and Manual Processes.


  • Consolidate What is Disparate: Siloed Functionality, Disconnected Processes and Islands of Data.


  • Innovate What is Absent: Manual Processes, Email as a Substitute and ERP Limitations.

Build Your Own SaaS. ServiceNow App Development

The demand for custom ServiceNow® applications is growing, but developing them in-house is often time-consuming, complex and expensive. As a Certified ServiceNow Technology Partner, our experts have deep design and development expertise. Our team can rapidly build and implement a customized set of ServiceNow apps for your organization.

Leverage the ServiceNow Platform

Whether replacing a manual process or a legacy app, by taking advantage of the new ServiceNow platform licensing (ServiceNow AppEngine), there’s never been a better time for customers to leverage the platform.

Drive Efficiencies, Lower Costs

Infocenter manages the entire lifecycle of your applications from creation to deployment. These collections of scalable custom apps and integrations will drive efficiencies across your business areas, while significantly reducing your development effort and cost of ownership.


Infocenter’s AppFactory™ Impact:

  • 5-7x Savings
  • 2-3x Faster
  • Ongoing Support and Agility

Infocenter’s Custom Applications

We’ve Built Products and NOW Certified Apps for Many FORTUNE 50, Strategic, Enterprise and Commercial Customers Including:

  • CRM, Sales and Marketing (ATLAS™) – NOW Certified
  • Configure, Price Quote Software – CPQ (PHOENIX™) – NOW Certified
  • Vendor and Subcontractor Management (VELA™) – NOW Certified 
  • QMS (Quality Management / Health & Safety – TAURUS™) – NOW Certified
  • Interaction Manager (ARIES™) – NOW Certified
  • Property Risk Exposure Management (PREM™)
  • Customer Contract Management (CCM™)
  • Excel Transform Engine (Coretex™)
  • Continuous Improvement Process (CIP™)
  • Enterprise Architecture (EA) Governance Framework
  • Marketing Service Management
  • Procurement (Purchase Request Process)
  • Digital Industrial Collaboration Environment (DICE™)
  • Procurement (Purchase Request Process)
  • Certificate of Insurance (COI™)
  • Customer Experience Center (CEC™)
  • Cash Management  
  • Franchise Tracker

We’re happy to show you these apps that are being delivered and supported across all industries: Healthcare, Retail, Restaurants, Manufacturing, Energy, Engineering / Construction, Technology and Financial Services.

Success Stories

From planning, implementing and providing ongoing ServiceNow managed services (DEVSHOP) for HRSD to building custom apps on the NOW platform, Infocenter has vast experience across the ServiceNow platform (ITSM, ITBM, Marketing, CSM, Legal, and more!)

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