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Customer Service

Deliver Personalized Customer Service at Enterprise Scale.

Customer Service Management with ServiceNow®

Customer service should be helpful, responsive, and fast – and it needs to scale as your company grows. Infocenter enables customer service departments to operate more efficiently and improve customer experiences with ServiceNow® Enterprise. Empower your internal teams with the latest technology and custom applications that are tailored to your business.

InfoCenter Customer Service Management Solutions
Quality management application for ServiceNow Enterprise

Featured Application

Taurus™ Quality Management System (QMS)

Taurus™ provides robust, closed-loop insights into the quality process, giving you the ability to tie returned products back to the original piece. This app helps you avoid costly product shortages and recalls to improve customer satisfaction and increase customer retention. The Taurus™ QMS app also integrates with 3rd party systems.

One Stop Customer Service Management With ServiceNow®

ServiceNow CSM connects you to all other ServiceNow applications. You get a combined platform for Customer Service, IT and other departments – in addition to a shared Knowledge Base, Employee & Customer Service Portals and only Javascript to support.

Explore Customer Service Applications

Apps for ServiceNow® Customer Service Management.

Omnichannel Contact Center

Improve your customer interactions by using communication channels directly through the ServiceNow system. Access information while speaking with a customer to provide faster and more informed answers.

Call Center Software

Strengthen the connection between your business and your customers with a cloud-based software solution that can offer real-time, on-demand, and customizable reports.


Optimize knowledge sharing and transfer to field agents to lower costs and improve customer satisfaction. By delivering accessible knowledge, you can shorten visits and drive efficiencies in your field customer service.

Contact Center Connector

Connectivity improves contact center services like dialogue management and more. Agents can get direct access to specific customer records through the ServiceNow platform, which enables them to better address problems, gather helpful customer feedback, and drive efficiencies.

AI Chatbot For ServiceNow

Deploy an AI-powered chatbot to automate routine interactions and intelligently route more complex customer issues to the appropriate personnel within your team.

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