Centralize Your Knowledge Base

The Marketing department is responsible for so many business areas and is in such high demand, including maintaining marketing materials, guidelines, creative services, as well as creating strategies to drive revenue that supports business goals.

But it’s difficult to keep up with all of these responsibilities when you have no way of managing your daily workload of unstructured requests that need to be reviewed, prioritized, and stored. A centralized knowledge base could completely revolutionize your marketing department: by creating service portals for staff to find collateral, marketing material, or information, your marketing staff would have more time to focus on strategic goals.

ServiceNow Marketing Management Dashboard

Avoid Wasting Time On Redundant Requests

The Marketing Service Management application gives you the power to request changes to the operation and maintenance of your marketing-related cases. The marketing staff can then track those requests and make changes as necessary. Additionally, any user in the system can review open marketing requests, which gives users a chance to see what marketing issues have already been reported before they submit a new request. By reducing duplicate requests, marketing staff can avoid wasting time addressing multiple requests for the same issue.

Request templates are linked to Service Catalog items – specifically to record producers. When a user makes a request from the catalog, the actual marketing request is created using an associated template. This creates uniformity among requests and makes it easier to resolve.

Increased Visibility Into Demand & Output

This is why the ServiceNow platform is the only marketing solution your organization needs. With intelligent workflows, those unstructured requests are efficiently routed through an automated system, to be prioritized and assigned as necessary. With a structured centralized system, it is much easier for staff to fulfill requests and send information. For management, applications to offer increased visibility can track demand and work done by the Marketing department. These metrics can improve overall service delivery through altered resource allocation, enhanced automation, and faster response times.

Explore Marketing Applications

Custom marketing apps for ServiceNow® Marketing Management.

CRM Enhancement Tool

CRMs often lack the conveniences of the ServiceNow platform: user-friendly list views, mobile-ready service portal and engaging reporting. With this app you can manage all campaign activities such as outbound emails and campaign expenses – and incorporate with the email tracking software of your choice.

Omnichannel Communicator

Allows you to respond in context to any customer inquiry that comes unsolicited or as a reply, or bring knowledge workers into customer conversations to resolve inquiries faster. All communication channels are supported, including voice, messaging, email, and video; messaging apps, as well as web chat and SMS.

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