Between your organization’s different business areas – Human Resources, Customer Service, Facilities Services, IT – staff uses many technology products to make service and resource management easier. For example, your Sales department uses CRM software to manage their sales data, while your Finance department uses ERP accounting software for budgeting and planning purposes.

These software solutions undoubtedly make your staff’s lives easier and help your enterprise run efficiently, but there is nothing to connect these disparate software products. Each department is generating data for internal use, but that data could also be used to improve enterprise-wide services. IT especially feels this disconnect, which makes it much more difficult for IT staff to deliver specific services to different clients. Your company needs to find a way to connect your business areas for a smarter and more efficient enterprise.


Optimize Service Performance with Automation

Companies tend to find internal workarounds for complicated processes, often leading to homegrown solutions like tedious spreadsheets or costly single-purpose software. In the growing digital world, these solutions no longer work. Manual processes are so prone to error it does not make sense to rely on it, and it can be hard for staff to find information in other areas. Your smartest move is to invest in a consolidated solution that simultaneously automates routine processes to decrease costs while allowing your enterprise to optimize its service performance.

The ServiceNow Orchestration extension helps your organization automate IT and business processes, allowing you to simplify operational management. Intelligent automation systems make it easy for departments to receive and assign work, and run on-demand reports to see department performance. These functions are not confined to one unit; improved workflows extend from one department to another, making it easy to complete cross-team tasks. Ensure your company is using its ServiceNow platform to its fullest with certified technology partner Infocenter; their planning engagement Compass identifies ongoing opportunities for automation and process excellence across the entire enterprise.


Invest in a Consolidated Solution

Improved connectivity offers a broader view of business performance, helping you streamline and consolidate processes to help departments run more efficiently. The ServiceNow centralized and intuitive platform connects every area of your business. From IT service management to customer service, ServiceNow improves department visibility, access to knowledge, and workflow systems. IT Operations Management can enhance your company’s ability to connect IT activities to business needs and optimize enterprise infrastructure.

Since ServiceNow products are all cloud-based, you never have to worry about lost data due to infrastructure problems or multiple offline copies of business documents. With access to a broad suite of applications, your organization can customize your platform to meet every individual business need. ServiceNow products offer customizable, contextual workflows and mobile options for devices. This means your workforce can access the services and information they need anytime, anywhere.


Work Smarter, Not Harder

When every department in your organization functions in a reactive state, nobody has time to tackle strategic goals. By automating and consolidating processes, you can transform your service management and allow your teams to act proactively. Imagine being able to predict service outages and prevent them, or issue a communication to customers about problems before they even notice them. Improved reporting tools and performance metrics allow your staff to do these things and more, which will have a drastic impact on overall operations. ServiceNow offers the resources to do all of this and more.

Customer experience is important to every area of your enterprise, so it makes sense to focus on improving your customer service management with ServiceNow. By proactively resolving issues and giving customers control over information through self-service portals, you free staff to address more complicated issues.  The same works for technology users – self-service portals allow users to submit requests or search for information in a consolidated Knowledge Base. Let your technology solution work for you by creating a smarter system to address enterprise and customer needs.


Improve Enterprise-Wide Visibility

Separated department information can lead to a lack of visibility into performance information and data sharing. Access to knowledge is important for departments to run efficiently, which is why ServiceNow offers self-service portals for users to do everything from completing on-boarding tasks on their first day to tracking a submitted Facilities request. Departments like HR and Customer Service benefit from a lower rate of routine requests, freeing them to focus on strategic planning and other work.

Improved visibility through customizable dashboards and on-demand reporting improves management’s ability to gain insights into service performance. But it is not just upper management who cares about performance metrics; in a 2015 Geckoboard employee study, more than 80% of workers wished companies would share business performance information, and 25% have left companies due to a lack of performance sharing. ServiceNow allows your enterprise to quickly generate, analyze, and share this data, which will improve all facets of your business operations.


Using ServiceNow to Connect Your Enterprise

Connecting the many business areas within your company encourages staff to work as a team to resolve issues and find ways to optimize services. With the ServiceNow solution, your company can create a customized, consolidated platform with a centralized knowledgebase, intelligent routing and workflows, and on-demand reporting tools. Management can access intuitive dashboards to gain insight into department work and important business metrics, which can inform company decisions about resource allocation and funding. Staff benefits from automated tasks and self-service portals, giving them control over information and increasing their productivity. Since ServiceNow offers a suite of applications to fit individual business needs, you can be sure your business fully realizes the potential of its investment. For a smarter, more connected enterprise, turn to ServiceNow.

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