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ORION CRM for ServiceNow


Infocenter’s ORION™ is a fully customizable CRM that supports you throughout the entire customer lifecycle. From marketing and sales to service and support, ORION™ brings your cross-functional teams together to immediately improve customer relationship management for companies of any size.

ORION CRM is a ServiceNow NOW Certified Application listed in the ServiceNow Store.




Contacts & Activities


Lead Tracking


Opportunity Funnels


Order Management


Fulfill Sample Requests


Email Integration


Configure Price Quotes

Simple. Smart. Effective.

Sell From Anywhere

Easily access all your accounts and opportunities on-the-go, from any location, on any device.

Win More Deals

Capitalize on sales opportunities in real-time by generating on-demand quotes for customers and sales reps.

Automate Tasks

Track all CRM activities with automated workflows, task lists, and communication reminders.

360-Degree View Of The Customer Lifecycle

ORION™ is a fully-integrated CRM built to help you increase customer engagement and win more deals. Simplify customer relationship management with real-time visibility into sales cycles, open opportunities, and detailed contact information. Find out how Infocenter puts your sales and customer data to work through the ServiceNow Enterprise platform.

Empowering Sales and Customer Success Teams

Accounts & Contacts

Easily maintain key attributes about contacts. Track size, fiscal year, and annual revenue. View organizational structure for each contact.


Never miss deadlines with automated alerts. Track the progress of an opportunity. Manage your pipeline with efficiency.

Quotes & Orders

Quickly build and submit itemized quotes. Grant discount authorizations by rep or by team. View profitability & cost breakdowns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I integrate data from other applications?

Yes. ATLAS can integrate data from your existing databases, ERP, email platform, and other digital platforms. You can connect directly to any system that has a REST or SOAP API and Orion also supports file imports (Excel or CSV).

Do you provide support after initial setup?

Yes! ATLAS is delivered in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model that’s fully supported, with all maintenance and upgrades included.

What does the setup process look like?

We meet with your team in a Joint Application Design (JAD) session to gather requirements for your company’s unique processes, define your desired workflows, and incorporate your sales procedures. From there, our team of product experts will help you customize and implement the CRM system.

What does it cost?

ATLAS’ cost is typically 3-4x less than other leading CRMs. We like to work collaboratively to provide a truly unique and fully customized solution for every one of our customers. Contact one of our experts today to find out how much you time and money you can save by switching to ATLAS.