ServiceNow® For Financial Services

Digital Transformation In Financial Services.

Staying Competitive In A Disruptive Environment

Disruptive business models pose a great risk to financial services companies because new technology promises a more intuitive, streamlined, and easy solution. In order to stay competitive, your IT services must constantly improve, evolve, and innovate. But how do you drive forward while being inundated with new regulations, compliance rules, and competitive applications that offer lower costs?

ServiceNow can meet and exceed your technology expectations by offering an infrastructure-free solution that connects business areas. The cloud-based platform offers a suite of applications that can arm you against the most advanced competitor by increasing IT service speed, efficiency, and reliance.

ServiceNow Enterprise for Financial Services Companies

Automate Compliance & Reporting

Reduce the struggle of compliance regulations by automating compliance and reporting. This ability reduces your risk of noncompliance and also lowers the cost of compliance, not to mention prevents staff from making errors that negatively impact the entire organization.

Deliver improved user experience with ServiceNow’s customizable self-service portals, which provide on-demand access to information and routine tasks. Automated tasks and routing accelerate request resolution, and users can check on request progress. This increased control gives your users control over their outcome, drastically improving satisfaction. For processes that cannot be automated, Infocenter helps build structured workflows that fit your unique business needs.

Avoid Security Pitfalls

Did you know it can take months for an organization to identify a security breach and contain it? In that time, attackers could have stolen extensive customer data and company resources, destroying your reputation and putting your customers at risk. Don’t ignore this area – resolving security threats quickly should be a top priority. With ServiceNow, you can find breaches much faster by identifying the highest risks to resolve the most threatening breaches right away and minimize damage. Connectivity allows different teams to work together to identify and eradicate security breaches and other threats.