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ServiceNow For Healthcare Organizations

Transform Healthcare with ServiceNow

Inefficient IT services can get in the way of patient care, clinical asset management, and even put personal patient data at risk. Healthcare providers are facing increasing levels of security breaches, which creates major problems for organizations without a reliable solution. Keeping up with regulations and patient standards can be difficult, which is why ServiceNow offers a consolidated solution to help you combat these challenges.

Protect Sensitive Data

ServiceNow offers improved security tools that use incident report data to prioritize, resolve, and even predict security threats quickly. In fact, threats can be identified and automatically patched through intelligent workflows, leaving you able to gain confidence in your technology partner and focus on patient outcomes.

Since ServiceNow’s platform is cloud-based, there is no need for additional infrastructure. This intuitive system keeps devices and applications connected and accessible while maintaining high levels of security.

Lower Costs & Improve Patient Care

Onboarding new clinical employees can be tedious and time-consuming. With ServiceNow, you can automate this process to quickly get your employees ready to start work much faster. Improved onboarding leads to better employee retention and productivity, helping your staff get what they need to succeed right away. Employees who are fully trained and in compliance can offer fast, high-level patient care, reducing wait times, and improving patient outcomes.

Improved medical asset management and automating applications help increase staff availability, clinical services, and patient experiences with healthcare services.

Automate Human Resources

All employees benefit from improved HR services, including the HR staff themselves. By automating request routing and information access through customizable workflows, your HR staff is free to work toward important goals while increasing department performance.

Customer service in every industry, including healthcare, is becoming more and more critical in a business’ success. Satisfaction is very important, but simply meeting basic needs is no longer enough – your organization needs to deliver high-quality service to scale while reducing cost. ServiceNow allows you to do this and more. By connecting departments for cross-teamwork and creating built-in automated workflows, you can resolve issues much faster and proactively seek solutions to future problems.