In an increasing effort to maintain efficiency and streamline work, many organizations have turned to business process automation to increase revenue and service quality. Business automation is considered amongst the top solutions to increase productivity, lower costs, and reach overall digital transformation.

ServiceNow is a business process automation leader that provides users with a connected set of integrated applications to improve all facets of business workflow and production. Other solutions do not offer the same kind of integration that ServiceNow does, which is key to improving business operations. Taking on the implementation of ServiceNow can be quite the task. Working with a ServiceNow partner can significantly increase your return on investment (ROI) and enhance your business processes. ServiceNow Elite Partner, Infocenter can help plan (RADIUS), implement, and provide ongoing support (DEVSHOP) for your ServiceNow platform. Read more about how Infocenter can help with ServiceNow automation.

There are many other benefits to this cloud-based software solution, but in this article, we will focus on the top 5 key benefits your business can expect to see by automating with ServiceNow.

So, how can your organization benefit from adopting ServiceNow?


1. Better Business Tool Integration

Many automation tools promise to streamline specific tasks like help desk ticketing and invoice tracking. However, most solutions do not offer a range of products for other business areas (HR, Security, etc.). Your staff might be using dozens of different tools that serve single functions and may not interface with each other. This results in frustrating gaps in service, separate points of contact for software issues, and confused staff with different levels of understanding. Your business solutions have suddenly caused more problems than they solve.

ServiceNow offers a full suite of automation tools that are customizable and fully integrated. From IT Operations Management (ITOM) to Performance Analytics to HR Service Delivery (HRSD), you can connect all facets of your company into one integrated cloud with ServiceNow.

With such a broad set of tools, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Infocenter has a team of domain experts who are Certified in ServiceNow. Our team has worked in Customer Service Management, HR, Finance, IT, Security and Marketing, have experience across all industries and are ServiceNow certified across the board.

2. Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

You want to see the highest possible ROI on business solutions you adopt. Spending excess time setting up software, working through errors, or waiting to hear back from a representative can turn you away from otherwise helpful tools. Your solution should not be more trouble than it is worth, so opting for automation tools that are easy to use and manage is a must.

ServiceNow allows you to automate business processes using one integrated system. You will receive regular updates, top-quality analytics, and solutions that will not negatively affect other areas, which can happen when using multiple different software solutions across your enterprise. The 24/7 assistance and long-term performance assurances of Infocenter help you see the full potential of your automation solution. With personalized roadmaps and implementation assistance, you have an affordable and convenient way to receive a higher return on investment.


3. Improve the Quality of your Service

To improve your business, you need to know what works and what does not. Building personalized reports can help you quickly generate these business metrics, but often it can be difficult or time-consuming to collect and create them. If you have one point of access, your staff is forced to submit a request and wait for the results.

With ServiceNow business automation tools, not only can you automate data generation, you can align your performance analytics to your business goals to drive specific outcomes. Better workflow automation translates to faster problem resolution, better customer service, and happier internal staff. Since no one solution fits every business model, Infocenter’s KillerApps Portfolio lets you build custom applications to meet your specific needs. This personalization makes it easier for you to focus on improving business operations.

4. Increased Staff Productivity

You might not realize how much time is wasted waiting for approvals, corrections, or responses. These lag times prevent your staff from doing their jobs. If you are a client-oriented business, your clients may also be suffering as well if it routinely takes too long to address or resolve requests. Service Now’s workflow automation allows businesses to streamline routine processes to eliminate wait time and interruptions.

By transitioning workflows for tasks like invoice approval or regular HR requests to automated processes, your staff spends less time waiting for responses and more time completing essential tasks. Eliminating manual tasks reduces errors as well: automation tools can catch, notify, and even correct problems before it impacts end users. Since staff spends less time correcting errors or waiting for action, productivity significantly increases.


5. Consolidate and Improve Processes

In addition to increasing your staff’s productivity, ServiceNow’s process automation allows your business to identify processes with extra steps to consolidate them. The performance analytics they offer help companies simplify critical processes across many departments. You might even find processes that can be eliminated by solving routine problems by consolidating IT tools, HR services, and approvals. By removing redundant processes, your company will run smoothly and efficiently, and your customers will notice.


A Few Tips for ServiceNow Implementation


Overall Benefits of Adopting ServiceNow Business Automation

There is no question as to whether your business will benefit from ServiceNow adoption and integration. From better service quality to increased staff productivity and consolidating processes for a better workflow, you will see benefits almost immediately. Combining your ServiceNow products with partner services like Infocenter will unlock the full potential of the platform. Their expertise drastically cuts down on maintenance and set up time by offering customized strategies to implement and manage your services and platform to maximize your return on investment and business improvements.

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