As your organization is looking to implement ServiceNow, or start expanding on the platform, one of the biggest decisions you’ll face is whether or not to engage with a ServiceNow partner. While keeping the development and expansion in-house ensures that your organization understands the configuration and design of the solution, it’s also missing out on some of the key benefits of bringing in a partner.


1. Core Business

With a few exceptions, your organization’s core business is probably not ServiceNow-related. For Infocenter, ServiceNow is our business. In fact, we run all of our operations on the platform, from resource planning to customer service to internal Knowledge (on Infocenter ATLAS™ CRM)we live and breathe ServiceNow. Infocenter is a ServiceNow Certified Technology Partner, Sales Partner, Services Partner and overall ServiceNow Elite Partner that has experience planning and implementing ServiceNow for top organizations across the platform. Bringing in a partner lets your organization focus on your core business while we do what we do best: bringing you the most value out of your ServiceNow investment.


2. Platform Experience

Because Infocenter is an organization that is 100% ServiceNow, the project team for your next implementation will be highly experienced across the platform. At Infocenter, our teams are made up of experts in their fields, from ServiceNow architects that have implemented and integrated in complex environments to ServiceNow module specialists with a deep understanding of ServiceNow and how it relates to the platform as a whole. Working alongside our certified ServiceNow implementation specialists can add years of experience to your projects, letting your organization feel confident that the solution going forward is the best one for you.


3. Thought Leadership

While it may not be true for most ServiceNow partners, Infocenter consultants were leaders in their field prior to joining our team (former HR, IT and other area executives). Bringing in their thought leadership across a multitude of industries from small to FORTUNE companies, you know the solution presented from the Infocenter team will help your organization accomplish its goals, both now and in the future.


4. Planning Assistance

Engaging with a Certified ServiceNow Partner prior to your organization’s ServiceNow implementation or enhancements is crucial to the success of your implementation. Our team of experts help you plan out realistic short-term goals and value from the implementation and with future enhancements as well to leverage the platform to its fullest. 

Infocenter RADIUS encapsulates all the essential elements in proper planning for a project. With a ServiceNow planning engagement, your organization will come out with a comprehensive Statement of Work (SOW), detailed project plan, budget and ServiceNow roadmap.


5. Long-Term Goal Alignment

The key advantage to engaging with a ServiceNow partner is the long-term commitment to your organization’s success. While your organization focuses on its core business, let Infocenter manage your ServiceNow investment through our ServiceNow Managed Services, Infocenter DEVSHOP. One of our experienced ServiceNow Program Managers will be your organization’s main point of contact for maintaining and enhancing your ServiceNow investment, allowing you to stay on track with your ServiceNow journey and reap the most value out of the platform. 

While it may seem appealing to keep all ServiceNow work within your organization, engaging with a ServiceNow Certified Partner comes with a multitude of benefits. Partners like Infocenter will bring in deep domain expertise and thought leadership to help your organization succeed in your ServiceNow journey, ranging from deep and detailed individual projects to the long-term roadmap planning and managing the platform. 


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