In today’s world, it has become crucial for organizations to ensure resilience in the face of unexpected disruptions. This is why many organizations are leveraging ServiceNow Business Continuity Management (BCM) to ensure their organizations are prepared to navigate through unexpected challenges, protecting their people, operations, and overall business interests.


ServiceNow BCM is a cutting-edge solution designed to fortify organizations against disruptions by providing a robust framework for strategic planning and execution. This module within the ServiceNow platform enables businesses to proactively identify potential risks, assess their impact, and develop comprehensive continuity plans.

From business impact analysis to crisis response and recovery, ServiceNow streamlines the entire business continuity lifecycle. Its user-friendly interface, automation capabilities, and real-time monitoring ensure that organizations can respond swiftly to unforeseen events, minimize downtime, and safeguard critical operations. 

Identifying and prioritizing critical business services

Features of ServiceNow BCM:

  • Business Impact Analysis: Find and prioritize business services to produce recovery time and point objectives (RTO and RPO).
  • Continuity Planning: Scope plans to ensure personnel and assets are protected and functioning quickly after a disaster.
  • Recovery Plan Exercising: Practice plans during normal operations to ensure they’re up to date and accurate.
  • Crisis Management: Activate continuity plans and monitor ongoing completion of recovery tasks during a crisis event.
  • Common Data Application: Use CMDB data to monitor against risk tolerance and automatically inform business impact analysis.
  • Gap Identification: Find recovery gaps between key elements when analyzing business impact or mapping CMDB dependencies.
  • Scenario Analysis: Conduct a range of disaster scenarios and test the steps your business can take to return to normal.

Activating continuity plans during a crisis event


With ServiceNow Business Continuity Management, businesses can enhance resilience, maintain regulatory compliance, and build confidence in their ability to navigate through disruptions seamlessly.

For more information and best practices on leveraging ServiceNow as your organization’s Business Continuity Management solution,  speak with an expert today.