Finding the right enterprise service management provider helps businesses become more confident in their services and performance. Understanding organizational performance, streamlining processes, and connecting departments help organizations reduce costs and improve productivity. ServiceNow offers an intuitive and user-friendly suite of integrated products to help businesses manage all aspects of their business. If your company is searching for a solution or looking for a better more connected solution, this guide can help. In this article, you will learn more about what enterprise service management is and how ServiceNow provides a solution.

What is Enterprise Service Management?

Starting with the basics, Enterprise Service Management (ESM) refers to a suite of business management tools used to perform a variety of business activities and capture information. ESM seeks to apply IT system management (ITSM) technologies and practices to all areas of an organization. The purpose of ESM is to improve overall business performance and service deliveries and to reduce costs across the board.

Enterprise Service Management software helps businesses create, manage, and analyze data about their business performance. This real-time data tracks resources and customer statuses, such as request orders and service level agreements. This data generating ability is necessary for businesses to run smoothly and see growth, which is why having a reliable, responsive, and intuitive ESM software partner is so important.

Why is Enterprise Service Management Important?

When businesses have a full view of their operations, they can better identify areas that need support and improve them. Adopting an ESM solution connects departments to encourage company-wide knowledge sharing and enhance service deliveries, as well as consolidating processes and reducing costs through automation. Enterprise service management is essential for businesses looking to remain competitive and see constant growth. Without understanding the performance of your business operations, it is next to impossible to remain competitive and meet enterprise strategic goals.

What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is a cloud computing company that offers an IT and Enterprise service management platform. This platform includes a suite of products that help companies automate routine processes many areas, including IT, HR, customer service, and security. The purpose of ServiceNow is to help businesses improve workflows, manage performance metrics, and deliver outstanding IT and customer service support.

What Does ServiceNow Offer?

ServiceNow offers a whole host of products for businesses that can be connected into one integrated platform. In addition to automation capabilities, ServiceNow offers self-service portals, help desk tickets, onboarding processes, identify and resolve security threats, customize performance analytics, and more.

Here are a few of the many cloud-based products ServiceNow offers:

• IT Service Management (ITSM)
• IT Operational Management and Security Resolution
• Customer Service Management (CSM)
• Human Resources Management
• Business Applications for Personalized Platforms

Your business can pick and choose applications to best fit your needs. These products are connected and integrate nicely, preventing you from experiencing service segmentation or upgrade problems. Since creating and managing ServiceNow applications can be time-consuming and complicated, consider working with Infocenter, a trusted technology partner that specializes in building ServiceNow strategies, maintaining support, and providing assistance.

How Does ServiceNow Improve Business Outcomes?

If staff can spend less time on routine or tedious manual work, businesses can expect to see a reduction in errors and a boost in productivity in other areas. ESM helps companies deliver better customer service as well, which results in happier customers and higher revenue gains. Beyond customer satisfaction and lower redundancies, by improving overall enterprise services, companies can remain competitive in their respective industries. Instead of spending company resources dealing with repetitive work, slow processes, or lack of visibility, they can instead focus on making proactive changes and adopting current technologies.

ServiceNow’s Enterprise Service Management Solution

Enterprise Service Management drastically transforms business processes through streamlining and improved workflows. There are many ESM solutions on the market, but few have the same integration and support capabilities of ServiceNow. As a cloud-based solution, companies can benefit from constant improvements and upgrades that are deployed across the entire platform. Partnering with Infocenter helps your company utilize their ServiceNow investment fully by creating strategies, implementing personalized solutions, and managing the platform. Start seeking an integrated solution to reduce your organizational costs and increase staff productivity.