Client Success

Learn How One of the Nation’s Largest Providers of Home-Based Care Streamlined its Medication Administration Record-Keeping Leveraging Infocenter and ServiceNow


Company Background

One of the nation’s largest providers of home-based care, including skilled home health, behavioral health, personal care services, and hospice care.

Business Problem

With 26,000 caregivers serving over 60,000 patients daily, the organization was in need of a scalable solution for their home healthcare services providers.

The primary need was for healthcare providers to record administration of medications and have real-time information about adherence to care protocols at their fingertips.

To streamline and eliminate manual processes and enhance overall related operations, the company selected ServiceNow as a key technology platform and engaged Infocenter as the Strategic Partner to build a custom application, eMar™ (electronic Medication Administration Record).

Critical Business Requirements

Ease of Use

  • Intuitive solution for healthcare providers
  • Dashboards, Reports, and back-office workflows
  • Ability to adapt to changing business needs and growth

Digitized Capabilities

  • Solution accessible via Mobile Tablet devices
  • Ability to digitally record notes and create tasks at all levels
  • Quick views of patient status and medications


  • Integration with additional ServiceNow solutions
  • Integrations outside of ServiceNow
  • Detailed audits and traceability to support regulatory compliance

Business Value Delivered:

From Manual to Mobile

  • Replaced paper, print, and delivery methods related to client MAR documents
  • Patient Medications are now updated in real-time from a mobile interface

Increased Sustainability

  • The Operations Department no longer has to print, distribute, and collect over 15,000 pieces of paper each month
  • These documents are now stored in their healthcare system

Reduced Risk

  • Managers can now easily audit clinician activity
  • Reduced the risk of patient safety, operations, and regulatory compliance

Enhanced Visibility

  • Integration with HCHB provides visibility to data
  • Clear Process for Reporting & Scheduling
  • Real-time view of Operations

“(Infocenter) has been FANTASTIC to work with and we cannot thank them enough for getting us to where we are today. This application will be a game-changer for our Behavioral Health service line. (Infocenter) was able to quickly understand the use case and digest the data coming from our EMR to build our eMAR app for both field and administrative use.”

Partnership Outcomes and Summary

The Infocenter eMar™ application represents one piece of a much broader partnership with this home-based care company.

In 2022, the organization selected ServiceNow as a key technology platform to enable further consolidation, integration, and efficiency across its lines of business and engaged Infocenter as its strategic partner for enabling ServiceNow.

The overall Partnership outcomes include impacts to both internal processes (HR, IT) and revenue-generating business functions (Home Health).


Maximizing the ServiceNow Investment

The company has leveraged the full suite of Infocenter offerings to drive business outcomes and realize ROI from its ServiceNow investment, including:


Engagements for strategic planning of new business solutions on the ServiceNow platform


Building out new capabilities, including three scoped applications for key business processes


ServiceNow Managed Services for ongoing enhancements and capacity on the ServiceNow Platform

Consolidation, Integration, and Efficiency

The partnership with Infocenter and ServiceNow has empowered the organization to enable further consolidation, integration, and efficiency across its lines of business. In addition to eMar™, Infocenter has also developed apps for:

  • Room & Board™ Application built on the Now Platform: improved the organization’s current process in the “Hospice” business arm for tracking Room and Board claims, invoices and payments for patients receiving care at 3rd party facilities.
  • Patient Intake Process™ Application – The organization’s growth was increasing at rapid speed. This Infocenter-built app impacts multiple aspects of the revenue cycle and enables the team with speed, ease of admission, and preferred provider information, along with lowering costs by reducing effort and staff.

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