Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM)

Plan, prioritize, and track work aligned to business objectives.

ServiceNow IT Business Management (ITBM) is now Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM)

“By 2025, 70% of digital investments will fail to deliver the expected business outcomes in the absence of a strategic portfolio management approach.” – Gartner, 2021

Align your work, optimize business outcomes, respond rapidly to change and deliver more value with ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM).


Strategic Portfolio Management Highlights

Strategic Portfolio Management enables you to make the right decisions and leverage digital transformation to drive more customer value, faster.

ServiceNow SPM helps your organization close the gap between strategy and delivery.

Strategize, Align, and Deliver

  • Anticipate critical business requirements, allocate resources, and evaluate portfolio value
    Manage strategic and operational work in one place
  • Reduce bottlenecks to get to market faster

SPM Encompasses

  • Project Portfolio Management (PPM)
  • Application Portfolio Management (APM)


Strategic Portfolio Management Solutions

You know the importance of consistent and successful project execution. Whether for a customer order, an internal infrastructure project or a new system roll-out, the visibility and management of project initiatives is a critical part of effective communications and execution.

Key Features:

  • Project Portfolio Management (PPM) – Higher-level approach that links project management to enterprise management
  • Application Portfolio Management (APM) – Visibility into all applications within the organization
  • Alignment Planner Workspace (APW)
  • Project Workspace and Planning Console
  • Financial Management
  • Agile Development


Streamline ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management

Improve your processes and connectivity across the enterprise.

Increase IT Visibility

Gain improved visibility into IT costs, tasks, and projects. Infocenter helps you capture and prioritize IT requests into one system and use the information to align services with business strategies.

Improve Work Quality

Improve service delivery by streamlining processes and automating tasks. Infocenter helps you free up your IT staff to work on more complex projects while empowering users with intelligent ticketing and knowledge bases.

Optimize IT Investment

Understand the true cost of your IT services and optimize resource allocation to make sure no services are over- or under-funded. Infocenter’s SPM solutions scale seamlessly – helping you manage IT costs while growing your business.

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