Customer experience has a broader impact on overall business operations than you may realize. Even in the current digital age of marketing and business operations, companies are still thriving by nurturing customer loyalty and trust and by relying on recommendations to grow their business. Since customer expectations continue to change and grow, your customer service solutions should do the same. Successfully growing a company relies heavily on scaling responsive and personalized customer experience.

Scaling refers to meeting and maintaining the service needs of all your customer groups. Your customer experience – also referred to as CX – should scale to meet and even exceed customer expectations. We can see why customer experience matters through many business metrics. Research has shown that excellent customer service is one of the most important factors to people when choosing businesses to buy from and trust. Negative experiences often cause customers to change purchases and seek services from other companies. Without high-quality customer experience that scales with your company, your growth may stagnate and even falter.


Identify and Address Customer Service Demands

If your company is not meeting customer needs, it could have catastrophic results for your continued growth and revenue. A customer experience survey conducted by Dimensional Research found that 95% of customers share negative experiences with businesses, and these experiences are shared on a large scale. Most of these unsatisfied customers are turning to the Internet to share their experiences and are reaching a wide audience through social media. By providing services that actually meet the needs of your customers, you can better retain customers and avoid this type of negative influence.

Identify and address the needs of your customers by offering a chance to provide feedback on services and tracking customer activities. According to a NewVoice study on customer loyalty, 50% of people have used a company more often following a positive customer experience.

Pay attention to the common complaints your customers have and find ways to improve their experience. Keep in mind that one complaint may represent a large-scale problem other customers are experiencing. Taking a proactive approach to customer service will alleviate many frustrations your customers have and avoid problems before they arise. Meeting and exceeding expectations begins with identifying specific concerns and continues with offering personalized services.


Take a Personal Approach to Customer Experience Services

Once your business has identified customer needs, the next step is to ensure the quality of customer service grows at the same rate as the rest of your company. Scaling CX to meet demands is critical, as described in a Forbes article aptly titled “Customer Experience is the Future of Marketing.” Customers now dictate company worth based on the levels of service they receive, “where customers want to spend their money is no longer influenced by brand messages, but rather by the experiences they get from brands.” Marketing may draw customers to your business but may not result in retaining customer loyalty.

The benefits of providing personalized and fast customer services are long lasting and will allow you to scale customer experience. Simply having services that meet customer needs is not enough: from two different studies, 53% of people have expressed frustration at not speaking to a person, and 72% of people have blamed their poor experience on being forced to explain problems to multiple people.

The takeaway here is that highly trained and friendly customer service representatives drastically improve customer experiences. This works when your company has a well-staffed customer service department, but as you grow, turning toward automated solutions for specific service needs can do a great deal to alleviate the burden on your staff.


Adopt Automation Technology to Improve Customer Experience Scaling

Having discussed the power customers have over a business’ successes and the importance of personalized customer services, it may seem counter-intuitive to suggest seeking an automation solution to help scale your business. However, many customer issues are rooted in receiving unhelpful, unfriendly, or delayed answers to common problems. Customer service management refers to the connected solutions, technology, and tools your company uses to address customers’ experiences.

Adopting automation technology to deliver better customer service management is key in scaling your business. ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management Products help your business improve customer satisfaction through self-service portals to find answers quickly; reduces labor costs by automating common customer issue resolutions; and increases customer service staff’s productivity.

Imagine customers finding fast solutions to problems without waiting on hold or speaking with multiple representatives. By delivering self-service tools to customers, their overall experience improves, and representatives are available to address more complicated problems directly. With a staff not bogged down by constant calls about the same issue, it is easy to see how friendliness and productivity will improve.


Keeping Customers Satisfied Through Scalable Services

As companies grow, customer experience becomes more and more important. Keep your services scalable by identifying and proactively addressing customer problems. By changing delivery methods to avoid common problems, you can guarantee a better overall customer experience. For directly dealing with customers, maintain personalized services to ensure individual needs are met. This type of service improves the whole image of your company and encourages positive reviews, growing your customer base. Finally, adopting automation solutions to streamline your customer services and increase staff productivity while lowering overall costs can drastically change your customers’ experiences for the better.

Once your company finds the right personalized approach to handling customer needs, customer loyalty will grow, resulting in returned purchases. Customer service management tools like those provided by ServiceNow can help customers feel in control of their situation and find answers immediately. As digital solutions become more prevalent in everyday customer-company interactions, companies with proactive and scalable customer experiences will find themselves ahead of the competition.


Speak with an Expert

ServiceNow Customer Service Management helps you to provide your team with a variety of tools to interact with external customers, answer questions and resolve issues. Infocenter can help you plan, build and manage your CSM by leveraging RADIUS™ and our ongoing support model, DEVSHOP. Speak with of our Certified ServiceNow Experts today to get started.


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