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Factors Impacting ServiceNow’s Support Strategy

There has been much excitement surrounding the release of ServiceNow London. Focusing on providing an improved experience for users through applications like, Virtual Agent, Target Content Automation, and Walk-up Experience, London has proven to be quite the success.

With the release of London, ServiceNow is changing more than just their platform features. Their support model is moving from an n-2 to an n-1 model, requiring companies to upgrade to either London or Kingston; the two most recent releases.

Continue reading for additional details about changes to ServiceNow Support in London and to discover how Certified ServiceNow® Partner, Infocenter can benefit your company throughout these changes:

Transitioning From N-2 to N-1

ServiceNow has had an n-2 support model up until the release of London where the switch was made to an n-1 model. To clarify, the n-2 model that was previously in place signifies that all users on the most current version of ServiceNow received support for up to 2 significant prior releases (i.e. support for Jakarta and Istanbul, along with Kingston). Additionally, under the n-2 umbrella, clients could continue usage (without technical support) on old versions rather than upgrading.

Under the n-1 model, customers receive support for London (the most current version) and one major release prior (Kingston).  Customers will have to upgrade without the alternative to opt-out. This was established as a result of concerns surrounding platform security and stability. The n-1 model will grant your company access to the latest and greatest updates.

Acclimating to Annual Upgrades

Annual updates can often be tedious for your company, involving excess time and resources to run the process as smoothly as possible. Regarding upgrades to the ServiceNow platform, ServiceNow will not intervene with any of your company’s custom code built into your platform during your upgrade as changes would damage the platform. It labels all custom code as a “skip” requiring a team member from your company to manually review each one every year.

To spare your company the headache of overseeing yearly upgrades, Certified ServiceNow® Partner, Infocenter, can intervene. Infocenter can perform the entire upgrade for you and is available for post-upgrade support saving you time and resources, and the hiring of a part or full time ServiceNow admin.

ServiceNow listens to its customers and, for that reason is continually adapting and developing upgrades to best serve you. In 2017, ServiceNow had invested over $370 million in R&D which involved product enhancements, new features, bug fixes, and updates to the platform’s security, just to name a few.

In updating, you will not only leverage ServiceNow’s R&D investment to benefit your company but also have the reassurance to depend on ServiceNow’s technical support team to stand behind you throughout the process.

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