ServiceNow (NYSE: NOW), a global leader in digital workflow solutions, has recently announced the expansion of its generative AI capabilities. In a press release dated July 26, 2023, the company shared its commitment to drive speed, productivity, and value for customers, reinforcing its position as a game-changing innovator in AI-driven solutions.

Introducing Case Summarization and Text-to-Code

ServiceNow, known for making work more efficient and connected, is introducing case summarization and text-to-code capabilities. These features are purpose-built for the ServiceNow platform, aimed at alleviating repetitive work, significantly improving productivity, and reinforcing ServiceNow’s digital workflow solutions.

Case summarization utilizes generative AI to swiftly read and distill case information across multiple departments such as IT, HR, and customer service. This feature promotes productivity by automating the creation of case summary notes, enabling quicker hand-offs between teams and streamlined resolutions.

On the other hand, text-to-code translates plain text into high-quality code suggestions, accelerating both pro and low-code development.

Both capabilities are powered by ServiceNow’s proprietary large language models (LLMs), demonstrating ServiceNow’s commitment to driving innovation and setting the bar high in the world of generative AI.

New Premium SKU Offerings

The press release also highlighted ServiceNow’s strategic approach to commercialization with the introduction of new premium SKU offerings. These offerings span across IT Service Management (ITSM), Customer Service Management (CSM), and HR Service Delivery (HRSD), set to be available in September 2023 with the Now Platform Vancouver release.

ServiceNow’s advanced SKU offerings integrate generative AI into the fabric of their platform, unlocking productivity across the enterprise. A move that’s projected to redefine experiences and drive enhanced outcomes for customers.

ServiceNow’s AI-Powered Workflow Solutions

A report from research firm Valoir indicates that AI, when used correctly, can reduce the time employees spend on tasks by up to 40%. ServiceNow’s advanced AI capabilities – such as case summarization and text-to-code – embody this potential for near-immediate productivity gains. They simplify processes and enable employees to focus more on problem-solving, ushering in a new era of efficient workflow management.

ServiceNow’s new capabilities join the growing family of Now Assist, ServiceNow’s suite of generative AI features that boost productivity by automating repetitive tasks. Notable features include Generative AI Controller, Now Assist for Search, and Now Assist for Virtual Agent, all purpose-built within the ServiceNow platform.

Availability of New Features

Currently, the case summarization and text-to-code capabilities are available to a select set of customers. However, both features, along with the new premium SKUs for generative AI for ITSM, CSM, and HRSD, are expected to be available to all customers in ServiceNow’s Vancouver release, due in September 2023.

As ServiceNow continues to push boundaries in AI and digital workflow solutions, the company aims to make the world work better for everyone. By harnessing the power of generative AI and focusing on real-world business impact, ServiceNow is poised to redefine how we perceive productivity and efficiency in the modern workplace.