Just a month ago, ServiceNow provided full version notes for their upcoming release, Madrid. From what we’ve seen, it’s clear that ServiceNow truly puts the best of the best in each version. Madrid, which will be released on March 13th, will offer cutting-edge features that promise an intuitive, accessible experience for workers who want to work from anywhere at any time. From easy-to-build mobile-first experiences to improved machine-learning agents, this version is making it even easier for enterprises to boost efficiencies and streamline processes across all business areas. While we can’t cover everything here, we have highlighted some of the most exciting features Madrid has to offer.


ServiceNow Mobile Studio

Business is mobile, and ServiceNow’s latest version makes it even easier to meet that need. The ServiceNow Mobile Studio allows you to create no-code apps with offline options, so your company can seamlessly provide native, mobile-first experiences. With the ServiceNow Mobile Studio, companies can:

  • Use preconfigured templates and components to create applications
  • Quickly create and deploy task-specific applets
  • Integrate key functions, like maps, employee directories, or a camera, into applets
  • Improve productivity and accessibility for employees who work remotely or want to work anytime, anywhere

What’s so exciting about the Mobile Studio is the opportunity for companies to give their employees exactly what they want: a more natural way to do business, right from their phone or tablet.


Agent Intelligence

ServiceNow introduced artificial intelligence to the Now Platform with their Kingston update. Machine-learning was an incredible addition that expanded service delivery and strategic planning across all business areas. Now, the Madrid update is adding a new layer to the platform’s AI capabilities with the improved Agent Intelligence. This function allows you to train predictive models that will then act as agents to automatically complete huge volumes of tasks. What can Agent Intelligence do?

  • Resolve high volumes of requests in less time than a person or team
  • Minimize delays by reducing the time to complete tasks
  • Optimize task resolution by reducing interactions
  • Reduce or eliminate errors in assigning or completing tasks
  • Lower costs through improved automation


Enterprise DevOps

With each new release, ServiceNow continues to position itself as a go-to platform for enterprise functions. So the continued improvement to DevOps workflows shouldn’t come as a surprise. With Madrid’s Enterprise DevOps improvements, teams can:

  • Integrate ITSM change management into their existing delivery pipeline
  • Integrate development tools like GitHub, Jenkins, and Jira for agile planning, code building, and testing all on the Now Platform
  • Track software changes and information on test runs

By bringing in DevOps integrations along the entire pipeline, the ServiceNow platform brings the two departments even closer. No doubt companies will delight in these new ways to streamline software development. Check out Infocenter’s additional article for more info on Enterprise DevOps.


Incident Management Mobile App

Service interruptions and outage issues can happen at any time, but ServiceNow’s new mobile app helps you tackle them from anywhere. The Incident Management mobile application allows you to view incidents in real time and respond fast. Additionally, the app helps mitigate some of the biggest organizational challenges to incident management by letting ITSM workers access all the necessary info in one consolidated place. Using this app, ITSM agents and technicians can:

  • View incidents and receive updates on their status
  • Add notes and comments to incidents
  • Review incident priority and workload
  • Approve or reject changes to an incident
  • Resolve incidents or reassign them to others as needed

The Incident Management app runs on the ServiceNow Mobile Platform, and all you need is a mobile device and internet connection to get started. ServiceNow Madrid is all about making it easier for employees to get work done. Companies can leverage improved Agent Intelligence to drastically reduce team workload, while teams without coding skills can create apps with simple but essential functions. These tools help build a mobile-first enterprise and allow employees to work from anywhere seamlessly – even when offline. Each of Madrid’s new features helps shape a more modern, intuitive workplace and improve upon ServiceNow’s past version. All that’s left is putting the plan in place to implement the new version.


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