ServiceNow Legal Service Management, previously offered on the ServiceNow platform, has been deprecated and is no longer available. The timing of ServiceNow Legal Service Delivery, part of the Paris release, is highly relevant in the marketplace. 

“Clients are rapidly driving all legal service providers, not just law firms, into a new model that is more collaborative and multidisciplinary, built around integrated technology platforms and delivered with value-based pricing.”


James Jones, a senior fellow at the Center on Ethics and the Legal Profession at Georgetown Law (2020)


Read on for more on ServiceNow Legal Service Delivery and how Infocenter, a ServiceNow Elite Partner, can help transform your legal organization beginning with a RADIUS™ planning engagement.


Legal Self-Service

With Legal Self-Service, you can delivery 24×7 legal services and configure and deploy out-of-the-box or company- specific workflows for any legal scenario. This tools also allows you to automate responses and remove manual email processes with virtual agents and the self-service portal.


Legal Reporting & Dashboards

With real-time reporting and dashboards, you can anticipate legal service demand and drive continual improvement. Legal Reporting & Dashboards provide at-a-glance insight into service performance and trends and empowers you to identify employee request trends for self-service legal workflows.


Legal Service Delivery Packs

Increase time to value with industry best practice workflows and jumpstart your deployment of Legal Service Delivery with these out-of-the-box workflows for your most common legal requests. 


Legal Counsel Center

Improve productivity by moving from unstructured email to automated workflows. With Legal Counsel Center, you can categorize and assign legal requests and work on multiple legal matters and requests concurrently.


Legal Matter Management

Track, prioritize and fulfill ongoing legal affairs. With Legal Matter Management, you can balance your demands against all other matters and easily configure matter templates to line up with your most common legal procedures and policies. 


Request Management

Request Management provides your employees with legal process intake forms in an easy-to-use self-service portal.


Knowledge Management

Empower your employees and boost business efficiency with knowledge sharing and collaboration.


Employee Service Center (ESC)

ESC provides your employees with a centralized location to efficiently find all the services they need.

Now Mobile

Use this native mobile app for requests and actions and to simplify self-service for your employees.


Mobile Agent

Empower your agents to work on requests on the go!


Virtual Agent

Use the intelligent chatbots in virtual agent to solve problems faster and scale your legal organization.


Bring Digital Transformation to Your Team with Legal Service Delivery

With ServiceNow Legal Service Delivery, you can streamline your legal processes and bring digital transformation to your legal operations with efficient service delivery. Rid your team of numerous spreadsheets, emails, legacy applications and manual processes to increase productivity and free up your legal professionals from manual daily tasks to focus on their strategic projects.


ServiceNow Legal Expertise

As a ServiceNow Elite Partner, Infocenter can help you plan (RADIUS™), implement, and manage (DEVSHOP™) your ServiceNow Legal Service Delivery. Infocenter’s team of experts have experience with ServiceNow Legal planning and engagements. For more on ServiceNow Legal Service Delivery, check out our on-demand webinar here.


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