In its release of Madrid, ServiceNow stays true to its core belief of, “Make the world of work, work better for people.” The new features of this application are, at its essence, almost entirely focused on the employee’s experience and helping to improve HR professionals’ interactions with customers. From customer forums to targeted campaign analytics, Madrid simplifies employee engagement with HR, and with each other, for all needs.

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Here is an overview of what you need to know about ServiceNow Madrid’s release for HR Service Delivery:


Campaign Tasking and Analytics

Similar to the Targeted Content Automation in London, Madrid delivers Campaign Tasking and Analytics. Madrid makes it easy to connect with employees by delivering information and to-do items to specific groups within the organization, from business units to geography and anywhere in between.

HR can further take advantage of the Campaign tasks by leveraging the enhanced analytics to see which pages, announcements, and tasks are actually reaching employees and improving the overall employee experience.

Benefit to Employees: Employees not only receive content from the organization tailored specifically for them, tasks and action items may also be assigned for smoother service delivery.

Benefit to HR: HR can send out targeted content to employees and can verify that it is reaching the intended groups and effectively sending the desired message. Additionally, the Campaign Analytics may be extended to portal pages, knowledge bases, and individual tasks assigned to employees.


Employee Communities

The Madrid update continues to enhance the employee experience and one-stop-shop mentality with the introduction of Employee Communities. This feature adds a forum element to the HR Service Portal where employees may interact with one another, ask questions, and receive answers from their peers. HR professionals can also leverage the campaign tasking and analytics on the Employee Communities to further reach their intended audiences and improve employee engagement.

Benefit to Employees: When employees access their ServiceNow self-service portal, they can easily interact with their peers and HR department. This enhances the employee’s access to information, either through their peers or the knowledge base.

Benefit to HR: An additional channel to communicate and interact with employees of the organization is created.  This allows HR professionals to view employee questions and the answers provided to their peers.


Lifecycle Event Builder

Most of the new features in the Madrid release focus on how the employee engages with the HR group; however, the HR professionals have not been forgotten. The Lifecycle Event builder is designed to simplify and streamline the creation and maintenance of Lifecycle Events in the platform. From onboarding to transitioning positions within the organization, the admins and fulfillers can conveniently update tasks across the organization in a simple, easy-to-use view.

Benefit to Employees: All Lifecycle Events are relevant and up-to-date for the employee due to the simplicity of updating, creating, and maintaining each event and task list.

Benefits to HR: HR will avoid days of back and forth testing and configuring the Lifecycle Events for employees. At a glance, it is easy to see what tasks land during which time frame as well as who is completing those tasks.


Employee Document Management Application Enhancements

Employee Document Management was a new application for the HRSD suite in the London release. The Madrid release helps with the transition towards paperless document retention HR departments. To further enhance the functionality received with Employee Document Management, Madrid supports a bulk upload for documents as well as improving the audit trail for documents in the system.

Benefits to Employees: It is a one-stop-shop mentality when it comes to working with HR. Employees may now view all their documents in one place through the Service Portal.

Benefit to HR: Easily upload or house documents for employees through ServiceNow Employee Document Management application. Whether it’s an automated upload from an existing file system or a bulk upload for an employee, HR will be able to use out of the box solutions to meet the needs of the business, all while being able to audit where the document is in its life cycle.


Improve HRSD with ServiceNow Madrid

ServiceNow’s Madrid release features puts the customer, and their experience, first. By enhancing the functionality of the portal through campaigns for employees, an employee community forum, and increasing the functionality of the Employee Document Management application, it has never been easier for an employee to receive white-glove service from their HR partners. With the new release of analytics, HR professionals have unparalleled insight into how to best serve their customers both now and in the future.


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