Twice a year, ServiceNow announces their newest release with many new and enhanced functionalities and features. ServiceNow operates on an n-1 model, meaning you must either upgrade to the newest version of the platform (n), or the previous release (n-1), with the previous version currently being ServiceNow Orlando.

On September 16th, 2020 the release of ServiceNow Paris was announced. Paris has been said to be one of ServiceNow’s biggest releases yet bringing many exciting new features to bring digital transformation to users.

Because of the complexity of new Paris features and enhancements, the team at Infocenter, a ServiceNow Elite Partner, have compiled a few of their favorite new ServiceNow Paris features and functionalities.


IT Service Management (ITSM)

For more on ITSM, visit: IT Service Management (ITSM).

  • Predictive Intelligent Workbench: Brand new to the ServiceNow Paris release, this application creates intelligent business processes by providing pre-built use case templates to guide you through your machine-learning implementation.
  • Workforce Optimization for ITSM: Another new application in the Paris release, Workforce Optimization helps you to improve the quality of service teams and overall team satisfaction with features like Channel Management, Teams, Predictive intelligence for coaching and training, Scheduling, and more!


Enhance the service experience


IT Operations Management (ITOM)

For more on ITOM, visit: IT Operations Management (ITOM).

  • Integration with Cloud Insights: You can now use the ServiceNow Cloud Insights app to calculate and analyze cloud asset costs.
  •  Operational Intelligence: Capture and explore / analyze your operational metrics data to identify anomalies and prevent potential service outages.


IT Business Management (ITBM)

For more on ITBM, visit: IT Business Management (ITBM).

  • Predictive Intelligence for Application Portfolio Management: Use the machine-learning algorithm to make predictions based on past data that help suggest categories for the new business application that’s being onboarded.
  • Quick Start Tests for Investment Funding, Application Portfolio Management, Agile Development 2.0, Project Portfolio Management, and for Essential Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe): Run quick start tests after upgrades and deployments of new applications or integrations to verify the specific tool still works.
  • Mobile Timesheets for Time Card Management: From your mobile device, you can now create, view, edit, enter notes and submit time cards as a time sheet user. Project or user managers can view, approve, reject, or recall time sheets or time cards from their mobile devices.


Application Portfolio Management view of the system application inventory

HR Service Delivery (HRSD)

For more on HRSD, visit: HR Service Delivery (HRSD).

  • HRSD Agent Workspace: Provide your HR agents with an easy-to-use interface with added features like:
    • Agent Workspace Playbook
    • Employee Document Management for Agent Workspace
    • Machine Learning Solutions for Agent Workspace
    • Advanced Work Assignment (AWA) for Agent Workspace overview
    • Configure Chat Setup for Agent Workspace
    • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Demo Installation and Configuration for Agent Workspace
  • HR Predictive Intelligence Workbench: Improve efficiencies with prebuilt use case templates and allows you to create intelligent HR processes through your predictive machine-learning implementation.


The employee journey and moments that matter.


Now Platform App Engine

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  • Donut and Bar Reports for Mobile Dashboard: This new reporting includes bar and donut charts, as well as other time series reports, where users can view dashboard previews in an applet launcher and use an interactive chart.


Customer Service Management (CSM)

For more on CSM, visit: Customer Service Management (CSM).

  • Walk-up Experience for Customer Service: Your customers now have the availability to either check in at a store, or make appointments on the portal and store representatives can create a case. From there, managers can assign cases and have a dashboard view of your customers’ satisfaction.
  • Safe Workplace Integration: The ServiceNow Employee Health Screening app can now be integrated with CSM to track locations for health and safety compliance.
  • Self-Service Analytics Dashboard: Track self-service KPIs, oversee customer service case reduction metrics and calculate the effectiveness of self-service channels like Knowledge, Communities, Catalog, and Virtual Agent to get a full view of the value of your self-service.


Customer Service Management overview


Field Service Management

  • Field Service Contractor Management:
    • Manage Contractor Companies: Outsource and route your work order tasks to appropriate third-party contractor companies through an easy-to-use onboarding process.
    • Field Service Contractor Portal: In a centralized location, manage agents, access all work order task-related information and activities, and outsource work order tasks to contractor companies enabling your external managers to do the following activities on the work order task:
      • Onboard and offboard agents
      • View work order task details
      • Reassign work order task to agents
      • Create the parts requirement
      • Source required parts for the task
      • Access the stockroom
      • Track work order task progress
    • Customer Experience for Field Service Management:
    • Notify customers via email and SMS of the status of their work order tasks, appointment booking, and the agent’s current location.
    • View work order task details to manage pending work orders.
    • Track approximate arrival time and location by viewing the field service agent location.
    • Provide feedback on agents by rating the service and posting comments in the review comments field.


Work based location 

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