Generative AI has become a hot topic in the world of streamlining business operations. But the real intrigue lies not just in generative AI itself, but how ServiceNow has made it easy to use across the platform. ServiceNow’s latest release, Vancouver has some exciting new features and capabilities surrounding GenAI.

ServiceNow announces two releases per year adding new features and enhancements to their Enterprise-Wide solutions. Prior to Vancouver, ServiceNow released Utah, Toronto, San Diego, etc. As a ServiceNow Elite Partner, here at Infocenter, we are thrilled to see what ServiceNow Vancouver has to offer to its customers – especially when it comes to Generative AI.

Spotlight on the Generative AI Capabilities

Central to the Vancouver release, the Generative AI Module serves as a bridge, connecting your environment to third-party generative AI resources such as OpenAI or Azure OpenAI.

The pre-configured features encompass:

  • Summarization
  • Content Creation
  • Generic Prompt
  • AI-based Q&A Search

Beyond these preset functionalities, the Module offers room for augmentation and is fitted with internal moderation safeguards, ensuring your API credentials remain secure while facilitating capability enhancement throughout the system.

Designed to be woven throughout the platform, the Generative AI Module’s versatility spans scripting, Flow Designer, robotic task automation, and professional workspaces. It stands as an essential asset for developers and innovators, enabling them to actualize their generative AI aspirations.

Advancements in Virtual Agent Interface Integration

ServiceNow’s Vancouver release brings forth improvements in the Virtual Agent Interface. By integrating the Generative AI Module features into its user interface, users can effortlessly drag and incorporate functions into their Virtual Agent workflows. This amalgamation enriches its capabilities while making it more user-friendly.

Looking Ahead: From Text to Code

Adding to the allure, ServiceNow has revealed an attention-grabbing feature slated for the Vancouver release: Text to Code. This empowers developers to transform textual instructions into JavaScript—a boon for those dabbling in low-code or those seeking a foundation for programming. This feature previews the script based on input, trimming down scripting duration and thereby accelerating deployment.

Guidance and Skill-building

To address curiosities and facilitate a deeper grasp of generative AI prowess, ServiceNow is charting a roadmap of future webinars, with instructional content in the pipeline. Stay updated with for imminent educational content and tools.

Unleash Generative AI’s Potential with the ServiceNow Vancouver Release

Eager to explore the Vancouver release? On August 3, those aligned with the Early Release Plan can elevate their PDI (Personal Developer Instance), delve into the guidelines, and immerse in the vast opportunities presented by generative AI. Bear in mind, collaborations with third-party AI frameworks like OpenAI, Google Bard, and others will undergo refinement over time.

The Vancouver release is bringing excitement across the customer and ServiceNow partner ecosystem. At Infocenter, we’re committed to guiding our customers to tap into generative AI, forging innovative and transformative business strategies.

Keen on pioneering? Dive deeper into the Vancouver Release by ServiceNow and how Infocenter can help. Speak with an expert today.