ServiceNow released their much-anticipated London version in September. Among many things, London promises to make employees’ lives easier by integrating machine learning and on-demand knowledge into its streamlined employee service portal. Looking at some of ServiceNow’s updates, it’s no wonder this release’s slogan is #EasyforEmployees.

But it’s not just employees who benefit from these new features. HR professionals have a lot of reasons to be excited about the London release. From time-saving virtual chatbots to the promise of a paperless future, HR service delivery is about to get a whole lot smoother.

Here is an overview of what you need to know about ServiceNow’s London release for HR Service Delivery (HRSD).

New Targeted Content Automation

Connecting with employees is always a challenge. Sending out mass emails or portal messages inundates inboxes, which leads to employees ignoring or missing relevant information. ServiceNow is eliminating this problem with the new Targeted Content Automation application.

Now, HR can deliver information to specific groups rather than the entire company. Targeted, scheduled communication reduces inbox cluttering so employees can access the information they truly need.

  • Benefit to Employees: Employees receive personalized information that is always relevant. Targeted content automation reduces the risk of missing out on critical onboarding, benefit, or company information. Even better – no cluttered inboxes or redundant pop-ups.
  • Benefit to HR: With scheduled delivery, targeted content automation ensures HR connects with employees at the best possible time. Companies can roll out this feature right away with pre-built campaigns and immediately improve employee communication.

Intelligent Content Blocks for Knowledge Management

The London update simplifies how your workforce accesses knowledge. HR professionals can use evergreen, intelligent knowledge content blocks to deliver universal knowledge articles to specific employees or groups. In other words, London’s new Knowledge Block product helps HR optimize employees’ experience with the Self-Service portal.

  • Benefit to Employees: When employees access their ServiceNow self-service portal, they can easily access the most relevant knowledge based on their role in the company. New knowledge blocks, built and delivered by HR, simplify and streamline the portal experience.
  • Benefit to HR: Simplified knowledge base management ensures employees have access to relevant knowledge, which can save HR a great deal of time. Additionally, added machine learning tech gives HR professionals the ability to automate and streamline case creation process.

Improved Virtual Agent Chatbot

Quite possibly the most exciting update for HR professionals and employees alike is the new ServiceNow Virtual Agent. With this chatbot application, employees can ask questions in plain language, receive personalized responses, and even open tickets to solve problems right in the chat app.

ServiceNow offers pre-built HR conversations for standard questions, but companies aren’t restricted to them. The Virtual Agent Designer lets anyone build conversations to fit business needs.

  • Benefit to Employees: Employees can get on-demand HR information at any time and place. With contextual responses, employees will receive accurate and relevant answers for their role and location. The Virtual Agent integrates with Microsoft Teams, Slack, and ServiceNow chat clients, making it so much easier to get answers fast.
  • Benefits to HR: HR won’t need to spend days answering the same questions over and over again. The Virtual Agent ensures employees get the right answer without waiting for an appointment, call back, or email. HR professionals are free to spend their days on large-scale, impactful work.

Employee Document Management Application

It’s time to go paperless. ServiceNow is helping with that effort with the new Employee Document Management application. The app manages all employee documents electronically, preventing a whole host of frustrating problems for HR professionals.

Eliminating paper-based document management systems means no more lost paperwork or misfiled documents. Companies can also set up automated retention schedule rules and add metadata tags to files to make them easier to find.

  • Benefits to Employees: Accessing documents could be as easy as logging into the Employee Self-Service portal. When employees request documents, they won’t need to wait for someone to hunt down and send off a paper file.
  • Benefit to HR: No more manual filing! For that reason alone, this new management application is reason for celebration. With scheduled retention rules, HR will never need to spend hours reviewing and purging files again. Set document permissions ensure legal compliance and view enhancements make employee requests painless.

Improve HRSD with ServiceNow London

ServiceNow’s new London release promises to simplify and streamline HR service delivery. With machine learning and AI-powered chatbots, employees can gain access to the information they need right away, while HR professionals can begin focusing on more impactful work within the company. This version works not only to make employees’ lives easier; it works to make the entire workforce run better.

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