ServiceNow Guides

ServiceNow CMDB Ultimate Guide 

This process guide will provide a detailed explanation on ServiceNow CMDB and how the Infocenter Configuration Management process for the DEVSHOP™ Managed Service Offering is enabled within the ServiceNow platform.

Read more on:

  • CMDB and Configuration Management Principles and Basic Concepts
  • DEVSHOP Configuration Management Scope, Objectives, Roles and Responsibilities
  • How Configuration Items are Created
  • And More!



ServiceNow Implementation Guide: Win at Training & Adoption 

This how-to guide will explain the six best practices for winning at training and adoption of ServiceNow in your organization.

Read more on:

  • The importance communicating with end users
  • Beta testing and Pre-training
  • Hands-on training / E-learning
  • And more!



ServiceNow Discovery Credentials Ultimate Guide

Learn how to create a robust organizational credential strategy for optimal ServiceNow Discovery Performance in your organization.

Read more on:

  • Best Practices for ServiceNow Credential Gathering
  • Technical Review of Discovery
  • And More!



ServiceNow Videos & Webinars

Check out our Videos Page for More on:

  • ServiceNow HR Service Delivery (HRSD)
  • ServiceNow Tips & Tricks
  • ServiceNow IT Business Management (ITBM)
  • And More!



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