Technology is a significant part of today’s world and continues to be an ever-expanding pillar in organizations, regardless of industry. Because of this, the responsibilities of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) continue to expand as well. It’s a fine act of balancing working with other top executives to accomplish goals along with managing priorities to digitally transform their organizations.

Here to make CIO’s jobs easier is ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM). With ITSM, you can consolidate your IT tools in a centralized location, transform the overall service experience, automate workflows, have real-time visibility and enhance overall IT productivity, saving you time and money.

Going into 2020, the Wall Street Journal surveyed 30 of the top CIOs in the country to find out what their priorities and goals were in the coming year. 


Here are the top 5 CIO goals for 2020 and how ServiceNow ITSM can be used to accomplish all of them:


1. People: Keeping and Building Talent

Another balancing act for CIOs is building their talent pool, while minimizing employee turnover. IT resources are in high demand nationwide and those spots are becoming harder to fill. While ServiceNow can’t help hire people, it will keep your current talent happy within your organization. 

Through leveraging tools within ITSM, like Incident Management and Request Management, engaging IT comes from a single source and all tasks are at your employees’ fingertips.

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The benefits of this are twofold: IT employees have their to-do list streamlined in a single location, which will increase efficiency and free them up to assist on other projects and build skills. End users are notified through the tool that IT has duties, rather than constantly pestering IT for updates. Everyone is happier!


2. Implementing New Technology

To streamline processes, many technology executives want to introduce new technology to their organizations. This can range from moving more of their services to the cloud, to predictive analytics, or to implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI). All of the above can be accomplished through ServiceNow ITSM. 

ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform which most organizations are moving to. Cloud-based platforms can lower overhead cost of data centers and can help mitigate security concerns.

ServiceNow also implements AI into it’s Virtual Agent, another tool in the ITSM suite. Virtual Agent can help triage incidents, assist in self-service for users through knowledge articles, open requests for end users, and provide statuses of all open tickets. This essentially adds a new member to the help desk without hiring a new person. 


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Another tool within ITSM, Performance Analytics can take reporting to the next level by offering predictive insights on problems or outages arising within your infrastructure.


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3. Training for the Future

ServiceNow can assist with training in a number of ways. One of the simplest is leveraging Knowledge Management to help cross-train current employees. This tool can store Methods of Procedure (MOPs) and other company standards to cross-train employees more efficiently. 


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With training, additional problem solving opportunities may arise because more data will be collected through Incident Management, Change Management, and Problem Management to assess areas of improvement for your organization.

Also by using ServiceNow, employees  will be exposed to new technologies like AI and Data Analytics.


4. Automation for Efficiency

One of the main benefits of ServiceNow is the platform’s ability to integrate with almost any system. Once processes have been brought into ServiceNow, automation can be easily achieved by integrating with the other systems used by your organization. This could range from automating your AD or LDAP maintenance from end user specified requests to updating patch levels in your Configuration Management Database.


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ServiceNow is also a platform designed to be built on, so any and all processes within your organization can be brought into the platform and start the steps towards automation.


5. Cybersecurity

Being secure in an increasingly digital world is at the forefront of everyone’s minds, especially CIOs who are in charge of protecting their organization’s digital footprint. ServiceNow can help your organization take the needed strides towards cyber security. As a cloud-based provider, ServiceNow has some of the highest security and availability standards, giving you peace of mind with your digital footprint. 

ITSM can also help your organization increase its cyber security presence by engaging IT resources with end users so potential breaches and phishing attacks are discovered faster. By leveraging Knowledge Management, security procedures can be well-documented and distributed throughout your organization. 

Taking it a step further is the Configuration Management Database (CMDB). This tool is similar to having a list of all IT assets in your organization’s network and documenting the configurations, like patch levels. This will provide a great foundation to move into ServiceNow Security Operations (SecOps) and ServiceNow Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC).


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CIOs in today’s world are tasked with being innovators in their industries, leveraging technology to move their organizations into the digital age, all while trying to maintain their talent pool and cyber security presence. Through utilizing ServiceNow IT Service Management, CIOs can implement AI throughout their IT organization, use the CMDB to help bolster security, and Knowledge Management to keep their employees engaged and trained in their interests.

For more information on how ServiceNow IT Service Management can help your organization achieve its goals for 2020 reach out to Infocenter for an ITSM RADIUS — a strategy engagement to connect our certified experts with your business leaders as a low-risk way to find out how your organization can get the most value out of ServiceNow ITSM. 

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