Over the past two decades, expectations of technology have changed immensely with demands for instant results and fast-paced lifestyles that require mobile capabilities. Rewind back to 2004: Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook from his dorm room at Harvard, three years prior to the release of the iPhone, and the same year that niche cloud computing company, ServiceNow® was founded.

For the past 15 years, ServiceNow has simplified daily tasks through the power of technology. Present day, the Now Platform is delivering automated employee experiences to almost 75% of the Fortune 500. 

“When I started ServiceNow in 2004, my vision was to build a cloud-based platform that would enable regular people to route work effectively through the enterprise.” -Fred Luddy, ServiceNow Founder


New York Release – ServiceNow

Just last week, the Now Platform New York release was introduced by ServiceNow’s Chief Product Officer, CJ Desai. The newest release is generally available with over 650 innovations encompassing IT, employee and customer workflows. As a firm believer of a mobile future, ServiceNow’s New York has many new mobile capabilities compared to Madrid that are exciting users all over the world.

Across HR, facilities, finance, legal and other departments, employees can access numerous mobile apps on the Now Platform, some highlights including:


Now Mobile App:

New in the New York release is the ServiceNow Now Mobile app. Employees can easily submit incidents and requests, manage tasks and view company resources remotely.

Customer Service Management:

Complete tasks quickly by accessing customer case information in any location through the CSM Mobile app. Accept and reassign cases, add notes, review case details and related information such as SLAs, case tasks, child cases and more!


Event Management App:

Organized by severity, you can view alerts and services, create incidents and add work notes through this app.


Field Service Mobile App:

Add events to your team calendar and easily scan your assets for access to work orders/history. Want details on your team’s progress? You have insights to their on-site location and visibility to see if they’re on schedule to complete tasks. More info here.


Onboarding App:

What’s often a shared frustration throughout many companies regardless of industry? Onboarding! New York’s onboarding app makes it easy for new employees to complete tasks like requesting a laptop and setting up direct deposit all from their mobile device. 

Security Incident Response (SIR) Mobile App:

Manage your security operations center (SOC) and resolve cyber security threats to your company through this app. Instructions on how to set up the app can be found here.


Project Status App:

The Project Status app allows you to view statuses of your projects, collab with stakeholders, review risks and decisions, and enables you to stay on top of everything regardless of location.


Vulnerability Response (VR) Application:

This application displays vulnerabilities, modules and all solutions. Make changes to vulnerability groups, modify a subset of fields on vulnerability group records and gain overall clarify with this easy-to-use app. 


Empower your Employees

Now that we’ve covered New York’s newest mobile capabilities, imagine how much more productive and happy your employees will be to get work done on the go. Many exciting new features are available on the New York release and are summarized here. And for a deeper dive into the latest mobile product enhancements, check this out.


Speak with an Expert

Preparing for a safe and effective upgrade can often be challenging and require all hands on deck. Infocenter can add extra sets of hands to help you plan, build and manage your New York upgrade. Leverage the NOW platform affordably and strategically with our team of certified, business-area domain experts. Contact us today to learn more about our strategic planning (RADIUS) offering and our ongoing support model (DEVSHOP).




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