ServiceNow Knowledge has always been a crowd-pleaser, and this year was no exception! The event brought together over 15,000 ServiceNow team members, customers, partners, and passionate advocates of the Now platform, creating an electric atmosphere at The Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Infocenter had the distinct honor of announcing our Platinum Sponsorship for Know 2023, and we truly made our mark! With an impressive turnout, we proudly showcased the strength of our team with over 40 Infocenter teammates in attendance.

Filled with anticipation for Knowledge this year, it’s safe to say that ServiceNow certainly exceeded our expectations. When we asked our team to share their most memorable takeaways from their experience at Knowledge this year, here’s what they said:

“My favorite part of Knowledge this year was networking. I had the opportunity to meet numerous individuals across all industry verticals. It was fascinating to interact with people who were still evaluating ServiceNow, and others who have been devoted to the Now platform since its inception. The varying perspectives were truly remarkable!” 

– Alayna Bolyard, VP of Marketing

“One thing that instantly comes to mind are face-to-face meetings. Introducing them to our executives and providing them with the opportunity to ask technical and transformative questions made a significant impact.”

– Matt Duntsch, VP of Sales

“I loved our DEVSHOP® Roundtable session…the setting of the session, current clients and potential clients all sitting at the same table, discussing real life examples of how DEVSHOP® provided value to their organization was incredible. Would like to see more sessions like this, the forum really works well and gives our clients a chance to connect with each other.”

– Jim Fede, SVP of DEVSHOP® Managed Services

Transformative Innovations + Industry Verticalization

With advancements in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and industry vertical solutions, ServiceNow is undeniably constructing a platform that paves the way for the future.

It was announced at Knowledge that ServiceNow has officially solidified their partnership with NVIDIA to build generative AI across enterprise IT. This will empower ServiceNow users to utilize powerful, enterprise‑grade generative AI capabilities that can transform business processes with faster, more intelligent workflow automation.

Infocenter Sessions

Although there were numerous ways to connect with the Infocenter team throughout the week at Knowledge, we also had several sessions set up with some of our top delivery executives.

To learn more about RADIUS®, DEVSHOP®, or our industry solutions, please reach out to connect with an expert today.

Ain’t No Party Like an Infocenter Party!

The Rockhouse Party

By far one of the highlights of our week was hosting the Infocenter reception at The Rockhouse, where the vibrant and lively atmosphere made for the perfect setting to spend some extra quality time with our valued customers and ServiceNow friends.

OneRepublic Concert VIP Experience

We took time to Stop and Stare in awe of the incredible performance by OneRepublic with teammates and customers.

Chandelier Bar Customer Appreciation Party

The Chandelier Bar Party truly “shined!” It was an amazing experience to witness our customers meet one another from across the U.S. and those who have traveled internationally.


The Best is Yet to Come | Looking Ahead

Knowledge this year was an event full of excitement, networking opportunities, and game-changing business conversions. It showcased the power and potential of ServiceNow’s offerings, leaving our team eager to embrace the future it envisions.

Whether it was at our booth, speaking sessions, or parties, the team at Infocenter thoroughly enjoyed meeting you all at Knowledge. If you’re looking to maximize the value of your ServiceNow investment, why wait? Get connected with one of our experts today!

About Infocenter

Infocenter is a leading ServiceNow Elite Partner and is Certified across the ServiceNow Platform, including key industry verticals and business areas: ITxM, SPM (PMO), Employee Experience (HR), Customer/Field Service Management, Risk/Security, Legal and Creator Workflows/AppEngine. Infocenter is also a Certified MSP, Sales, and Technology Partner providing NOW Certified solutions (including ATLAS® CRM) helping to enable digital transformation across the enterprise.

Infocenter is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina with teams spread throughout the United States, United Kingdom and Pune, India. For more about Infocenter’s capabilities and customer success, please visit