ServiceNow Utah is here!

Twice a year, ServiceNow announces a new release. Last month, ServiceNow Utah was officially announced. Each release is named after a city in alphabetical order (previous releases to ServiceNow Utah being Tokyo, San Diego, Rome, etc.). For more information on previous releases all the way to Aspen (released 2011), read here.

Product Overviews + What’s New in Utah:

In this article, we’ll share info the following products’ highlights, key features, and what’s new in Utah:

  • Robotics Process Automation (RPA) Hub
  • IT Service Management (ITSM)
  • Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM)
  • IT Operations Management (ITOM)
  • Operational Technology Management (OTM)
  • IT Asset Management (ITAM) – HAM, SAM, Enterprise Asset
  • Telecommunications Service Operations Management

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) Hub: Overview

RPA in ServiceNow is next level automation to support repetitive, mundane human tasks:

  • RPA robots execute predesigned steps without the need for input devices (mouse, keyboard), humans or even APIs:
      • Setup unattended robots to run on Windows machines, and execute on scheduled cadences
      • For a level of human touch, use attended robo

RPA helps to executive tasks such as:

      • Store variables
      • Read/write data on a website or windows application
      • Manipulate data in Excel files
      • Sequence multiple activities:  Pass in inputs, process, pass outputs
      • Loop through multiple activities
      • Kick back up to ServiceNow to upload attachments, execute Flow designer, etc.

        Management hub for task automation robots

RPA Desktop Design Studio allows complex workflows to be developed:

  • There are over 1300 types of activities, including low-level programming logic tasks (string builders, date formatters, Powershell commands, SQL scripts, HTTP/API, wait timers, manage directories, try/catch, additional connectors)

RPA Feature Highlights include:

  • RPA Hub is now accessible to Personal Developer Instances
  • Update sets can now track and move RPA configurations across instances
  • There is a robot calendar to visually determine robot availability and help optimize utilization
  • Unattended robots now support MFA authentication using Time-based One Time Password (TOTP)
  • Universal App Connector now supersedes the need for distinct plugins for: IE/Edge, Chrome, and Windows applications
  • RPA sample templates to see how data entry processing (e.g. Invoices) can be used with Document Intelligence
  • Auto-retry feature support failed attempts

    IT Service Management (ITSM)

    ITSM, a staple of the ServiceNow platform since it began:

    Service Portfolio Management

      • Increased relational flexibility in the portfolio hierarchy:  established layers removed in favor of limitless, nestable nodes
      • Visibility of catalog items available for service offerings you are subscribed to

    Digital Portfolio Management

      • ServiceNow DevOps flow and accelerate metrics are now viewable in DPM
      • Added DPM KPI groups for Service performance, Catalog, and Change Management

    Simplify by getting rid of unnecessary tools or services

    Workforce Optimization for ITSM

      • Agents can self-enroll in courses or learning paths
      • See courses/learning paths based on past activities or associated teams
      • Service Operations Workspace now shows a Learning section under Overview tab:  My active learning, Completed last 90 days, My skills


      • Major Incident:  Communication email templates now support showing recipient list instead of overlong list of users in the To, Cc, Bcc fields
      • Change:  Restrict some Change Models (Types) to with “Not available for” with Advanced Security
      • Problem:  New quick start ATF regression tests support post-upgrade/deployment

    Service Catalog

      • Create in-form wizards to help annotate complex form entry, as well as contextual help
      • Localization Framework process initiation from Catalog Builder to request, fulfill and approve translations for catalog
      • Developers:  Populate fields related to reference without the need for additional scripts
      • ITSM Agent Workspace is being prepared for future deprecation and will be hidden

    Service Operations Workspace

    Investigation tab:

    • See CI metrics for certain affected CIs.  Requires Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager spoke and Investigation Framework to be active
    • View System Information modal when you integrate with Agent Client Collector for Investigation
    • View color-coded CI metrics to differentiate warning/critical levels of metrics exceeding thresholds
    • See the list of applications installed on a CI

    Contextual side panel:

    • See Contact details of caller through Record Information tab
    • See on-call escalation progress of an Incident

    Walk-Up Experience

      • New modernized look & fee for NOW Mobile



      • No longer just industry only: Benchmarks now allows you to compare KPIs regarding companies of similar size

    Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) – formerly ITBM

    Enables you to make the right decisions and leverage digital transformation to drive more customer value, faster:

      • Strategize, Align, and Deliver
      • Anticipate critical business requirements, allocate resources, and evaluate portfolio value
      • Manage strategic and operational work in one place
      • Reduce bottlenecks to get to market faster

    SPM Encompasses: 

    • Project Portfolio Management (PPM)
    • Application Portfolio Management (APM)

    SPM Key Features

    Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

    • Higher-level approach that links project management to enterprise management

    Application Portfolio Management (APM)

    • Visibility into all applications within the organization
    • Portfolio & Strategic Planning (Formerly Alignment Planner Workspace [APW]
    • Project Workspace and Planning Console
    • Innovation Management
    • Demand Management
    • Resource Management
    • Time Card Management
    • Cost Management
    • Agile Development

       SPM | New in Utah

      • Application Portfolio Management (APM)
        • Enterprise Architecture Workspace (New feature in Utah)
      • Portfolio and Strategic Planning
      • Alignment Planner Workspace (APW) has been rebranded into:
          • Portfolio Planning
          • Strategic Planning

      • Project Portfolio Management (PPM)
        • Created a new property to sync planned dates with original dates of a project or task

      IT Operations Management (ITOM) Key Features

      ITOM Visbility:

      • Provides a unified, connected view of your entire IT network and the services that it supports.

      ITOM Health:

      • Product includes the Event Management, Agent Client Collector, and Health Log Analytics applications, which enable you to track and maintain the health of services in your organization.

       ITOM Optimization: 

      • Provides automation for the cloud workflows used to manage the cloud resources throughout their life cycle. 

      • It enables certified and enterprise-compliant cloud deployment, cost visibility, and other cloud management processes.

      ITOM Governance: 

      • Provides the workflows to evaluate the cloud readiness of your organization and enforce the cloud governance guidelines.

      ITOM Visibility – New in Utah

      • Automatically generated suggestions for application services
      • Support for custom install_status in ITOM SU Licensing
      • Quick start tests for Service Mapping

      New discovery patterns:

      • Amazon OpenSearch
      • AWS MemoryDB for Redis
      • Amazon Keyspaces
      • Amazon AWS ElastiCache
      • Amazon Kinesis
      • AWS Auto Scaling groups
      • AWS DB cluster
      • Amazon Redshift
      • Cohesity storage system
      Event Management Highlights
      • Enrich and normalize alerts using alert tags

      • Create clustering tag definitions automatically using event rules and event field mapping definitions

      • Manually create application clusters in application services and set the relative impact of a CI on the cluster and the service.

      Agent Client Collector highlights​:​
      • Improve alert performance with Metric Intelligence with a 39% reduction in alert noise.

      • Use guided setup to easily configure Agent Client Collector Log Analytics

      • Monitoring Technology Dashboard

       Health Log Analytics Highlights​:​
      • Migrate data input and source type configuration to a different instance

      • Test connectivity before publishing a data input configuration

      • Simulate and plan your data input mapping in Test mode

      • Linux content pack

      • Google Cloud Pub/Sub data input

      ITOM Optimization New in Utah

      • Experience a higher Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud events processing rate
      • Hashicorp Configuration Language (HCL) data types in the Terraform templates
      • Cloud Insights Billing replaced the native CP&G Billing
      • The Terraform Connector app is available in the ServiceNow® StoreCloud Operations Workspace dashboard.
      • Cloud Operations Workspace
      • VC connector available in the ServiceNow® Store (vRealize Automation)
      • Oracle Cloud (OCI) add-on for Terraform Connector available in the ServiceNow® Store

       ITOM Governance New in Utah

      • AWS assume role support
      • CI finder map
      • Bulk remediation
      • Custom remediation catalog item
      • ServiceNow® Cloud Configuration Governance Content Pack


       Operational Technology Management (OTM)  

      • Multiple Incident Management features

      • Manufacturing – Create, manage, and attach schedules with equipment model entities if you’re a factory floor maintenance schedule planner.
      • Select a start time for an OT remediation task
      • Service Graph Connector Integration for Clarity CTD


      IT Asset Management (ITAM) Key Features

      Hardware Asset Management:

      • Allows you to track and manage your asset environment through advanced workflow, automation and mobile capabilities

      Software Asset Management:

      • Allows you to track and manage your software licenses, contracts, allocations and remediations through automation

      Enterprise Asset Management: 

      • Manages the entire life cycle of your enterprises connected and non-connected assets.
      • Avoid costly downtime by managing the asset life cycle.

      Hardware Asset Management | New in Utah

      • Hardware Asset Procurement Workspace: A single workspace for managing asset procurement activities
      • Using pallets for inventory!
      • Associate assets to pallets for bulk updates – Remember to use the aisle and space details

      Asset Donation Workflow: from Request to preparation for donation – Tasks to ensure compliance


      Software Asset Management (SAM) New in Utah

      • Success Value Builder: Learn where you can leverage underutilized SAM functionality
      • Containerized Software Licensing: Determine MS SQL and Windows Server products deployed on containers.  Monitor utilization and auto-create remediation options
      • Software Contracts Renewal Calendar: Better plan renewals for SaaS and on-prem software

      Enterprise Asset Management | New in Utah

      • Enterprise Asset Work Management – Analyze work order history and trends
      • Enterprise Asset Maintenance: Automate maintenance schedules across all locations
      • Reclamation and Retirement of assets during employee transitions  – make the appropriate disposition decisions

      Telecommunications Service Operations Management

      Communication Service Providers (CSPs) Solution | ServiceNow TSOM:

      • Helps CSPs proactively monitor service health and resolve issues before customer notices
      • Integrates with existing monitoring tools
      • Uses predictive AIOps and machine learning to analyze network event data for anomalies
      • Provides a single end-to-end service health view across technology domains
      • Simplifies operations by automating collection, correlation, and analysis of vast network event data
      • Real-time dashboard for monitoring service health
      • Triggers automated remediation tasks when alerts meet pre-defined criteria
      • Reduces Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR) times
      • Automates and optimizes workflows across service and network operations, field services, and customer care
      • Delivers a seamless and responsive customer experience.

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