On the London release, the Enterprise DevOps offering was made available to ServiceNow IT Business Management (ITBM) and ITSA Unlimited customers. ServiceNow used 1,000 developers to build, test and deploy 80 builds a day. Each build passed 80,000 tests backing ServiceNow’s promise of rapid release cadence and quality.

Agility, Visibility and Control

Enterprise DevOps gives you workflows that fully support live apps throughout their lifecycle, while accounting for any code interdependencies via rapid iteration. Meaning you can empower your DevOps team with the combination of agility, visibility and control.

With DevOps, You Can:

  • Automatically create and oversee IT Service Management (ITSM) changes in a DevOps workflow
  • Have insight into KPIs through persona-based dashboards
  • Access existing tools while sharing data in ServiceNow workflows
  • Cut costs and risks while rapidly releasing business services
  • Increase efficiency by reducing time-consuming, manual processes through connecting any app, data or device via IntegrationHub.

Features on the London Release

The London release of Enterprise DevOps includes program planning through Scaled Agile Framework which helps you minimize imperfections and deliver software products in record time!

Also included on the release is Agile Development, an Agile planning software development lifecycle tool (SDLT). Pooling your software development lifecycle workflows into one system, the tool connects them to your other active items in ServiceNow. This cuts the disconnect between enhancements, change processes, originating operations and deployment.

Through DevOps, your product releases can be delivered quickly without compromising quality. Check out how ServiceNow customer and one of the most rapidly growing e-commerce businesses, Wayfair delivers over 300 releases everyday. That’s an average of one release every five minutes!

Stay Tuned..

The newest release of DevOps is expected to be fully available at the end of 2019. With out-of-the-box integrations to applications like GitHub, Slack, Teams, Jenkins and Jira, it encourages collaboration amongst various apps.

The update will also leverage data from the integrations to connect to ServiceNow ITSM Change Management. What this means is simplifying the use of APIs and Change Management features to review and automate relevant changes from the DevOps pipeline. For more info, check out this post.

Speak with an Expert

Joining together IT Operations and Development, Enterprise DevOps increases your speed while minimizing risks. As a ServiceNow Elite Partner, Infocenter can help you plan, build and manage your Enterprise DevOps. Bring digital transformation to your DevOps team through our unique RADIUS™ strategy engagement offering. Speak with of our Certified ServiceNow experts today to get started.