With the rapid advancement of technology, enterprises are making the move to the cloud for their core functions. It’s vital for companies to achieve smooth interoperability between their essential platforms. Workday, one of the top enterprise clouds for HR, is utilized to store and manage information and works as the main hub for all employee data and HR details. You probably clicked on this blog because you’re looking into integrating ServiceNow and Workday. Keep reading to find out more.


How are ServiceNow and Workday related?

ServiceNow compliments Workday perfectly. While Workday is the system of record for transactions, ServiceNow is the system of action for services. The two highly renowned platforms are integrated through a synchronization of employee profile information in the HR application with your organization’s current Workday solution.

ServiceNow’s integration addresses your common concerns and time inefficiencies including employee onboarding, answering routine employee questions and providing an overall enhancement to your employees’ HR service experience. As a ServiceNow Elite Partner, Infocenter has a team of former HR executives / ServiceNow experts who can help. Reach out today to get started.


Benefits of ServiceNow HRSD

ServiceNow HR Service Delivery (HRSD) automates and organizes all HR interactions through one centralized platform. You can delight your employees with streamlined apps like:

  • Case and Knowledge Management
  • Employee Service Center
  • Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions
  • NOW Mobile for HR Service Delivery
  • Mobile Onboarding

ServiceNow’s self-service portal, Employee Service Center, empowers employees to submit requests, ask questions and even receive quick responses through chat tools. Information can also be located in a navigable knowledge base freeing up your HR team and improving the employee experience and satisfaction through self-serve capabilities.

Employee onboarding can be quite the tedious process. With ServiceNow, the process can be automated and streamlined. You can enter incoming employee’s information prior to onboarding and the instance creates the user and retrieves the employee data. Although, it does not activate the records until the actual onboard date. ServiceNow also automates the full organization-wide onboarding process, like getting security badges from facilities, laptops from IT and any other tasks that need to be completed for your new hire’s successful onboarding.

Similar to onboarding, when offboarding an employee, the system automatically shuts down the specific employee profile and HR record on the day after the termination date.


Integrating: How it Works

After employee information is inputted and integration is enabled on the instance, data is regularly pulled by ServiceNow through SOAP web services. The captured data is then stored in the Worker object which includes employee information (email addresses, user names, first and last names), location, department and job profiles.

ServiceNow displays Workday integration transform maps where you can view this information. Additionally, ServiceNow’s integration provides automatic record updates for future events including employee onboarding and offboarding, promotions or transfers.

Any updates made to specific fields in the HR profile can be synched through the integration. After the updated information is pulled from Workday, fields such as first and last names, phone numbers, email addresses, prefixes and addresses are then revised. This not only saves you time, but also maintains the updated status of employees; especially those of more provisional workers, such as contractors or temporary employees.


To Sum it Up

Already being an HR expert, ServiceNow’s cloud-based service delivery empowers employees to take care of their basic needs, allowing more time for HR to provide high-touch support for more critical matters.

By automating your end-to-end processes, ServiceNow can benefit your company through:

  • Automating workflows that improve HR functions
  • Complementing Workday’s people data system with its service management activities
  • Providing employees access to everyday HR services and information needed
  • Enterprise-wide employee onboarding


Speak with our Experts

Both being very successful platforms, ServiceNow and Workday complement each other and are easily integrated for a more comprehensive HR technology solution. Infocenter can help you plan, build and manage your HRSD and integrations. Leverage the NOW platform affordably and strategically with our team of business-area domain experts. Contact us today to learn more about our strategic planning (RADIUS) offering and our ongoing support model (DEVSHOP).


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