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Industry-Specific Solutions & Business Applications

Infocenter develops and delivers innovative business apps across all business lines and industries. With our solutions, you can replace unstructured work patterns with intelligent and automated workflows, creating a smarter and more connected enterprise.


Technology shouldn’t get in the way of patient care, clinical asset management, and even put personal patient data at risk. Infocenter understands that healthcare providers are facing increasing levels of security breaches, which creates major problems for organizations without a reliable solution. Keeping up with regulations and patient standards can be tough, which is why we offer solutions to help you combat these challenges.

Financial Services

Disruptive business models pose a great risk to financial services companies because new technology promises a more intuitive, streamlined and easy solution. In order to stay competitive, your IT services must constantly improve, evolve and innovate. Infocenter can help consolidate, automate, and streamline services. Our solutions offer a suite of applications that can arm you against the most advanced competitor.

Communications & Media

In the digital age, understanding consumer needs and offering effective content is essential. Infocenter allows your Communication & Media companies to constantly adapt to the changing market, track performance against industry standards and optimize metrics to better understand your performance.

Energy & Utilities

Outdated, manual processes are simply no longer effective. Companies aiming to stay competitive should consider partnering with a firm like Infocenter to help them adapt to a changing industry. We offer a powerful suite of apps for the Energy & Utilities industry to automate processes, increase efficiencies and provide performance metrics for better business decisions.