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ServiceNow® For Utilities & Energy

Industry-specific business process automation.

Keeping Pace With Changing Trends

The Energy and Utilities industry is rapidly changing as the digital age reshapes the entire environment. From renewable energy to smart grids and changing environmental regulations, companies within this industry are experiencing a dramatic shift in direction. For these companies, it is absolutely necessary to find a way to transition services to include digital systems and improve internal efficiencies. Outdated, manual processes are no longer effective, and companies aiming to stay competitive need to consider partnering with a technology company that can grow, change, and adapts to them and the industry.

Increase Efficiency & Improve Performance

ServiceNow offers a powerful suite of applications to automate processes, increase efficiencies, and provide performance metrics to inform better business decisions. For companies relying on legacy systems, automation can save your staff a great deal of time and effort by replacing tedious manual work with intelligent routing and workflows. This cloud-based and intuitive platform is easy-to-deploy, can be customized to fit your specific business needs, and does not require physical infrastructure. It is the perfect solution to integrate into your current technology and to replace outdated or separated software.

Full Visibility Into Crucial Data

In order for your company to meet industry standards and corporate sustainability goals, on-demand reports that generate real-time data are an absolute must. With enhanced reporting tools and customizable dashboards, Infocenter is your partner in improving visibility, enhancing performance metrics, and enabling your workforce to succeed by providing self-service portal access to knowledge.