Customer satisfaction is becoming increasingly important to a company’s success and ability to grow, but disconnected technology may be preventing them from achieving it. Since every area of your business – from IT to Marketing and Sales – relies on customer and service information, you need an easily accessible solution that will not cost your company a fortune. With Infocenter’s ATLAS™ CRM, your company can say goodbye to the high cost of Salesforce and invest in a solution that scales with your company. Even better, this CRM application integrates with your other software, making it easier to connect departments within your organization. Continue reading to find out why many top companies across numerous industries have selected Infocenter’s ATLAS as their CRM.


Enterprise-Wide Difficulty Accessing CRM

CRM systems are instrumental in helping companies better manage their external relationships, customer services, and marketing campaigns. These reliable systems help staff identify opportunities for sales, resolve service issues, track performance histories, and store customer information. But your company’s CRM system may be costing you more than you realize when you consider its effectiveness and accessibility.

Switching between multiple screens is ineffective, time-consuming, and can negatively affect a sale or customer interaction. If staff need to generate quotes, check product inventory or connect with customer services, they may be switching between multiple screens and launching different platforms while trying to keep a customer on the phone. Your customers are left waiting too long for an email response or sitting on hold, resulting in lower customer retention and satisfaction.

Increased visibility helps drive business growth, especially when viewed alongside other vital data from customer services, product and service management, and marketing. Different business areas benefit from this customer relationship data, but access to it is not always possible with existing legacy systems. You may be creating unnecessary bottlenecks in the flow of information between departments that could be impacting your customer’s experiences and services.


Why Replacing Your CRM is the Best Solution

It may not seem like replacing your CRM software can resolve these communication or cost issues. Many companies are hesitant to bring in new technology, especially when existing software has been in place for a long time. There is a cost associated with training staff, exporting historical data, and creating workarounds to integrate it with other systems – like Configure Price Quote tools or pricing software. However, Infocenter’s CRM application directly integrates into your company’s existing ServiceNow platform, so you can completely eliminate software workarounds or the risk of lost data.

This connection will create a bi-directional line of communication between the CRM application and the rest of your platform, making it easy for staff across your organization to access it, add to it, and relay it to customers. Service portals allow customers to access information directly without needing to navigate a confusing call system, reducing frustrations for your customer service staff. Since it is built on the ServiceNow platform, the ATLAS™ CRM application offers more features than others, including:

  • Company and Account Management
  • Contact Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Pricing
  • Sample Requests

In addition to the features above, with ATLAS, staff can generate sales quote letters in PDF form within the application and connect Infocenter’s Configure Price Quote (CPQ) application to generate pricing information for clients on the go. Replacing your CRM software with Infocenter’s means your staff has a holistic solution that helps them focus on their work and not on learning new technology.


Scaling Customer Service Through CRM Integration

The direct benefit of integrating your CRM software into your ServiceNow platform is scaling customer experience with business growth. As your customer base grows, self-service portals reduce staff caseload by helping customers resolve common problems like resetting passwords or tracking a ticket. Sales staff can access client information from the field to order products, generate sales quotes, or demonstrate new products or services. Marketing teams can quickly find CRM data on service performance and customer behavior to create compelling targeted campaigns. Since the CRM software connects to a consolidated platform, this integration helps teams across the enterprise.


Best Practices for Replacing and Connecting CRM and ServiceNow

Connecting your Infocenter CRM application to your ServiceNow platform is an easy way to capitalize on your technology investment quickly. Taking a strategic approach to this process is critical to ensure the transition is smooth for all departments involved. Infocenter is a Premier ServiceNow partner with a team of domain experts that can help build a strategic roadmap for your company’s digital transformatin. This roadmap helps identifies important processes on the front and back end, obstacles your teams face and existing infrastructure to determine the best possible integration for your organization.

In addition to strategically planning CRM replacement, your company may want to consider Custom ServiceNow Applications for different business areas as well. From HR tools to Quality Management Software Infocenter’s applications fill in service gaps to ensure your customers receive quality and holistic services. Developing these applications on your own can be expensive and difficult to maintain, but your company can work with Infocenter to create the best set of tools for your company’s needs.

Your company has already chosen to invest in the ServiceNow platform for its cloud-based, consolidated and automated services. Further that investment by replacing your costly CRM system to boost visibility and improve the customer experience at scale. It may seem daunting, but your company does not need to further its digital transformation alone.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I integrate data from other applications?

  • Yes. ATLAS can integrate data from your existing databases, ERP, email platform, and other digital platforms. You can connect directly to any system that has a REST or SOAP API and it also supports file imports (Excel or CSV).

Do you provide support after initial setup?

  • Yes! ATLAS is delivered in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model that’s fully supported, with all maintenance and upgrades included.

What does the setup process look like?

  • We meet with your team in a Joint Application Design (JAD) session to gather requirements for your company’s unique processes, define your desired workflows, and incorporate your sales procedures. From there, our team of product experts will help you customize and implement the CRM system.

What does it cost?

  • ATLAS’ cost is typically 3 to 4 times less than other leading CRMs. We like to work collaboratively to provide a truly unique and fully customized solution for every one of our customers. Contact one of our experts today to find out how much you time and money you can save by switching to ATLAS.

As a ServiceNow Technology Partner, Infocenter can help. Speak with an expert today for more information about replacing your CRM software,, ServiceNow strategy counseling, custom application development, and value-added enterprise management solutions.