ServiceNow remains at the forefront of technology with two innovative releases per year that provide new features and functionality.

ServiceNow’s release, New York has not disappointed in that aspect. The ServiceNow experts at Infocenter (a ServiceNow Elite Partner) put together a list of our favorite new features provided in the New York release and how they can benefit your organization. 

Ranging from Artificial Intelligence (AI) build-outs to Machine Learning to comprehensive data analytics with streamlined dashboards, New York truly has a lot to offer. For more information on ServiceNow Orlando, sucessor to New York, check this out.


1. Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Model Builder

One of the most exciting features in the ServiceNow New York upgrade is the ability to enhance innate machine learning through Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Model Builder. For the ServiceNow Human Resources Service Delivery (HRSD), IT Service Management (ITSM), and Customer Service Management (CSM) modules, you can train models with sample sentences and phrases that are specific to your organization in order to streamline services to your customers. 

However, the most impressive feature of NLU Model Builder is that it requires no coding experience, so anyone in the business can leverage the power of AI and NLU. And with testing built in, ensuring quality of the language understanding and recognition has never been easier!



2. Predictive Intelligence

Another incredible feature of the New York release is the build-out of Predictive Intelligence. Through this machine learning tool, the ServiceNow platform will recognize similarities in ongoing issues without human intervention. 

Once it notices the similarities, it will then begin assigning the work to the correct assignment group, even automatically categorizing it and finding the right priority. This frees up IT resources in your organization to focus on solving problems and fulfilling needs, rather than splitting their time looking manually for trends and problems within the environment.



3. Service Owner Workspace

Although this feature is limited to the ITSM suite, the Service Owner Workspace will help move your organization into the future. This workspace provides a comprehensive view of the entire lifecycle of the services, making it easy for service owners to see areas of improvement, like automation and streamlining. It also shows them how to better enhance the service they provide. 

Since all of this data is in one place and put together in real time, the management of any service shifts from reactive →  proactive. Management of your portfolio of services is streamlined by having a comprehensive view of your services and seeing the true consumption of them.


4. SaaS License Management

In our digital age, an increased number of technology providers are moving towards SaaS-based products, which makes the management of them crucial. In ServiceNow’s Software Asset Management (SAM) module, you can now manage and optimize your SaaS licensing and usage from a single platform. 

With increased visibility, the spend for SaaS products can be right-sized for your organization by finding unused licenses and reducing wasted spend for those. 

Another incredible feature included in SaaS License Management is the ability to reduce the IT product sprawl by comparing software with similar capabilities within your organization. With this increased visibility into your organization’s SaaS products, management of spend and license allocation becomes a simple, streamlined process.



5. Mobile Onboarding

A big theme of the New York release for ServiceNow is the focus on providing services from anywhere, which Mobile Onboarding fits right into. 

ServiceNow Mobile Onboarding allows ITSM and HR to provide onboarding guidance through the mobile app. This purpose-built application allows new hires to perform tasks, request services, and ask questions before officially joining the organization, bettering the overall onboarding experience. And with the ability to enable application notifications and use the camera within the users’ phones, it has never been easier for new hires to finish their paperwork and hit the ground running on day one. 

To see a breakdown of all the mobile capabilities, check out our blog post talking about the mobile features of New York. 



Exciting Stuff!

With the New York release, ServiceNow is moving organizations towards technology-focused solutions without requiring a huge expansion of IT resources. The ability to leverage AI to help customers with issues and using Machine Learning to find issues for your organization can let your IT resources focus on what they do best. 

Service Owner Workspace and Saas License Management takes a consolidation of data from across the platform and publishes it in a sleek dashboard for better predictive usage and streamlining of processes and costs. And through Mobile Onboarding, the onboarding experience provided to new hires is unparalleled, using technology that the new hire is already familiar with. 


Need Upgrade Help?

Upgrading to New York, or the Orlando release can be a breeze with the right ServiceNow partner. Infocenter is a ServiceNow Elite Partner that’s here to help! Through our RADIUS ServiceNow strategy and roadmap, our certified ServiceNow / domain experts will help you align your business goals with the Now platform. A seamless upgrade easily achieved!

From there, our highly-flexible DEVSHOP managed services offering allows you to use your dedicated Infocenter resources for upgrades and ongoing help (administration, development, application support, integrations, etc.).

To find out how your organization can get the most value out of the New York release, reach out to Infocenter today and speak with one of our certified experts!


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