Twice a year, ServiceNow announces a new release. ServiceNow Utah was officially announced in early 2023. Each release is named after a city in alphabetical order (previous releases to ServiceNow Utah being Tokyo, San Diego, Rome, etc.). For more information on previous releases all the way to Aspen (released 2011), read here.

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Employee Experience Product Overviews + What’s New in Utah:

In this article, we’ll share info on the following products’ highlights, key features, and what’s new in Utah:

  • HR Service Delivery
  • Employee Center Pro
  • Procurement Service Management
  • Legal Service Delivery
  • Workplace Service Delivery
  • Health and Safety
  • Supplier Lifecycle Management

What is employee experience? - ServiceNow

HR Service Delivery (HRSD): Overview

Quick overview of what HRSD is, in case you haven’t heard of it, seen it, or fully drank the kool-aid like we have – it improves the experience for your employees and agents or HR/People team members:

  • Engagement & Collaboration
  • Curated Experiences – through targeted communications in Employee Center, Mobile, and even Dashboards and AWS
  • Omni-channel can access ServiceNow on mobile devices, laptops, desktops, as well as access data through Employee Center, Virtual Agent, Agent chat and more.
  • Self-service allows you to easily navigate through questions and problems through KA and VA, find support you need on your own without waiting
  • Unified place to go – employees have ECP, agents have AWS for a single-pane to do their work.


HRSD: Key Features

HRSD allows you to manage and engage with your employees from the candidate to alumni stage and all those moments that matter in between.

  • Employee Center Pro: 
    • Unified portal/site to go to for all your needs across the organization. 
  • Case Management:
    • Move from multiple inboxes and emails. Case Management allows you to setup services for internal HR-to-HR type services. Digitizes what you are already doing all while allowing you to track, secure, automate and report on it.
  • Knowledge Management:
    • Repository for your policies, SOPs, FAQ, how-to documents… the information that allows your employees to self-serve and answer their own questions, as well as internal to get the team members off of many iterations of shared document.  It allows for version control, approval flows, security and more.
  • Employee Relations:
    • Track the sensitive ER issues and requests like accommodations, complaints and investigations. Part of that includes the ARC shown here where employees can truly report things with 100% anonymity 
  • EOT: 
    • Enterprise-wide, cross-departmental processes, “moments that matter” in your employees lifecycle like onboarding, offboarding, job promotions, transfers; but also those processes for your company like M&A
  • Performance Analytics:
    • Reporting on key metrics, trends, thresholds and more!


HRSD: New In Utah

  • Integration with Magnit:
    • Contingent worker onboarding and uni-directional integration: Pull CW info into SN, including their location, dept, job, onboarding items pulled in from Magnit.
  • Integration with Workday Learning:
    • Pull learning tasks and to-dos in ServiceNow.
    • Utilize learning focused apps like SN Coaching, Learning Posts and Employee Growth & Development.
  • Workforce Optimization for HR:
    • Assess the team’s performance (see real-time their work), set coaching plans to improve skills.
    • Define groups and set KPIs per group.
    • Drive efficiency by managing schedules, normal work shifts and on-call shifts, and queues from one, centralized experience.
    • Track shift coverage, swaps, and time-off requests.
  • Proactive Prompts:
    • Requires VA and ECP
    • Effective engagement for managers and employees when prompts are received on the most reachable channels.
    • Encourages positive habit formation for managers and employees through continuous micro-actions from messaging channels.
    • Process owners can define prompts to send timely bite-sized insights, thus empowering managers in driving positive actions.
    • Enable employees to stay on a task by providing information in their flow of work.
    • Remind employees of upcoming deadlines or support them in their career growth by using Proactive Prompts in Manager Hub. The Insights tab displays prompts as suggestions.
  • Journeys
  • Managers, Mentors and Employees can view and complete their tasks, training and/or journey from Now Mobile app and receive notifications
      1. Journey admins can create & delegate JA plans to non-admins to manage for their audiences (employees)
    • EDM
      • Set expiration notifications on document types
      • Option to set expiration date on document when uploading or moving doc
      • Send notifications to doc owners, managers or hR when document expires
      • Now supports .docx, txt, png, and xls in document viewer.  Before Utah, was only PDF
    • Employee Relations
      • Sensitive data can be transferred between LSD and HRSD ER
      • Ethical violations can be submitted via EC

Employee Center Pro: Overview

Employee Center Pro (ECP) improves the employee experience by providing a single, engaging place for employees to go for:

  • Communications(Campaigns, Videos)
  • Self-Service Capabilities (Knowledge, Virtual Agent)
  • Collaboration (Forums, Surveys)
  • Service Delivery (Requests, Tasks)
  • Transparency (Updates)

Employee Center Pro: Key Features

  • Store app
  • Service Portal framework
  • Scalable 
  • Unified
  • Employee Centric
  • Integration

Employee Center Pro: New in Utah 

  • Mega Menu Flexibility
  • Search on Topic Pages
  • Search Page Filters (i.e., Facets)
  • New Content Association to Topics
  • Dynamic Topic Microsites
  • My Tasks Configurable Filters
  • Recurring Campaigns

Procurement Service Management (PSM): Overview

Procurement Service Management empowers your employees and managers to:

  • Shop for goods and services in their preferred channels
  • Quickly resolve requests in multiple ways, including through a centralized workspace and virtual agent chats
  • Monitor performance and other KPI’s using real-time analytics such as cases by type, department, cycle time and more

Procurement Service Management also integrates with external system records (i.e. sourcing systems, ERP)

The most common integrations include:

  • Finance – ERP integration
  • Procurement with Project Management
  • Purchase Automation with Risk Assessment
  • Spendint API – endpoints that push data to ServiceNow (ex: shipment, order, price, etc)

PSM: Key Features

  • The (3) key features to PSM are: Shopping Engagement, Service Management and Compliance Oversight 

PSM: New in Utah

  • UI Builder is connected to the PSM workspace
    • Customize employee experiences with ability to add filters, rename labels, branding, new filters, etc
    • Add new pages for custom experiences
  • PSM is now part of Procurement Operations Management, which will now also include Supplier Lifecycle Management

Legal Service Delivery (LSD): Overview

  • Creates a unified experience between your employees and the legal team supporting them through:
    • Self-service experiences and faster resolution of legal requests
    • Prioritization of time on more complex business affairs
    • Increased insights and efficiencies to drive operations and drive efficiencies through dashboards
  • LSD Encompasses: 
    • Legal Practice Applications
    • Request Management
    • Matter Management
    • Legal Counsel Center

LSD: Key Features

Legal Request Management

Legal Matter Management

Legal Practice Applications

      • Legal Conflict of Interest
      • Legal Digital Forensics
      • Legal Investigations
      • Legal Simple Contracts
      • Legal Stock Preclearance
  • Legal Counsel Center
  • Legal Service Portal
  • Legal Virtual Agent
  • Mobile (Now Mobile & Mobile Agent)

LSD: New in Utah

  • Integrations between HRSD and LSD
    • Enables the transfer of sensitive data seamlessly between Employee Relations cases

and Legal Investigations

  • Enables integration between

Ethics matter templates and

Ethics complaint cases

  • Attachments
    • Increase for file sizes on theOneDrive integration
    • SharePoint external storage option has been added

Workplace Service Delivery (WSD): Overview

WSD provides a unified reservation experience to your employees


Key Features:

  • Workplace Case Management
  • Workplace Reservation Management
  • Workplace Calendar Synchronization
  • Workplace Indoor Mapping
  • Workplace Visitor Management
  • Workplace Central
  • Workplace Space Management
  • Workplace Maintenance Management
  • Workplace Lease Administration
  • Workplace Move Management
  • Health and Safety
  • Workplace Reservations
    • Microsoft Outlook Add-in
  • Workplace Service Delivery
    • Mappedin Integration

WSD: New in Utah

Workplace Lease Administration

  • Track all workplace lease contracts and assets, services, locations.

Indoor Mapping

  • Migrate Indoor Mapping and Workplace Locations data.
  • Map patterns accessible for color blind users.

Workplace Central

  • Create open and restricted neighborhoods and assign employees to them. Visualize and manage spaces using the floor map.
  • Preventive maintenance plans for assets and workplace locations. (housekeeping, etc.)

Workplace Reservation Management

  • Control employees location visibility
  • Neighborhoods – Allow employees to reserve a space in eligible neighborhoods

Health and Safety: Overview

Create a strong safety culture by supporting employee health and promoting a safe workplace.


Key Features:

  • Employee Center
  • Health and Safety Incident Management
  • Workplace Case Management
  • Contact Tracing
  • Safe Workplace Dashboard
  • Vaccination Status
  • Employee Travel Safety
  • Employee Health Screening
  • Health and Safety Testing
  • Workplace PPE Inventory Management
  • Employee Readiness Surveys

Supplier Lifecycle Management: Overview

Bring new suppliers onboard quickly and make it easy to work with them. Gain greater control over spending and give employees an easy process to follow.


Key Features:

  • Knowledge Management
  • Performance Analytics
  • Procurement Case Management
  • Vendor Risk Management
  • Now Mobile


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