Finance departments often struggle with juggling work requests through multiple emails, spreadsheets and outdated applications. Wouldn’t it be much simpler to streamline through a centralized system? This is where ServiceNow® Finance Service Management comes in.

Service Management

Let’s take a step back to the bigger picture. ServiceNow® IT Service Management (ITSM) is a shared service that empowers you to deliver service management on a single, cloud-based platform. And under the umbrella of ITSM lies Service Management.

With applications like Facilities, Legal and Finance Service Management, different departments across your enterprise are able to manage all incoming requests.

Finance Service Management

Finance Service Management allows you to address your financial requests and improve service delivery through a single application. Here, your finance team can oversee and address all incoming items much easier than through spreadsheets and emails. 

Examples of finance requests include Financial Report Requests, Account Inquiries and General Financial Assistance. FSM also allows users without a ServiceNow license to submit finance requests through your company’s Service Portal. 

Application Features 

  • Reporting and dashboards: Shows management the volume and types of different requests to analyze work trends over time and ensure they’re properly positioned to meet demand.
  • Finance Catalog: All finance requests are submitted through the catalog, addressed and closed once completed.
  • Knowledge bases: Empower employees through this document management tool to research and resolve issues independently.
  • Real-time visibility: Provides insight into performance so that new goals can be set to improve service delivery.
  • Request-driven process: This is the app’s default process. Users submit finance requests through the catalog, the requests move through states based on actions performed on the request and once its addressed by the finance team, it’s closed out.



Key Benefits of FSM

  • Visibility: All users can see every reported finance issue with real-time visibility before submitting a new request. This prevents duplicate submissions and saves time on the backend. It also gives management clear visibility of the costs and quality of services provided.
  • Better employee experience: Improves communications with employees, vendors and customers and enhances processes, such as employee expense management.
  • Automating work assignments: Rather than manually inputting, you can automate assignments of staff responsibilities.
  • Cut costs, accelerate processes: Through one streamlined app, you not only save your organization the cost of operating multiple apps, but also can work more efficiently.
  • Continual improvement: Can improve areas such as financial reporting, procurement, forecasting and budgeting.

Our Team of Experts

Infocenter can help you plan, build and manage your ITSM and Service Management tools. Leverage the NOW platform affordably and strategically with our team of certified, business-area domain experts. Contact us today to learn more about our strategic planning (RADIUS) offering and our ongoing support model (DEVSHOP).

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